Monty and the Street Party

2019 [DANISH]

Animation / Comedy

IMDb Rating 4.9 10 219

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Iben Hjejle as Kirsten
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by itsjoelthevideo 1 / 10

Looks like Fanboy & Chum Chum, Hideous

Ugh, the character designs are just hideous to look at, they would have looked a lot better if the have more ovalish bigger eyes, I hate this movie, and it was so boring, don't watch it it's extremely ugly to look at

Reviewed by billryethebrettguy 7 / 10

Not bad like others state.

The movie isn't terrible or cringe. It is a classic wulfmorgenthaler style. If you're familiar with them or "the pandas" you are gonna like this movie. The animation style is a 3D rendering of their typical drawing style. Not gonna spoil anything. It contains a lot of their usual jokes aimed at different people and classes in society like artists.

Overall a solid movie, not perfect but above average.

Reviewed by rasmussk-85244 1 / 10

Appaling movie

An absolutely cringy movie, saw it in the cinema with some others, and we had to walk out before the movie was done, it was painfully bad.

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