Moscow Never Sleeps

2017 [RUSSIAN]


Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 71%
IMDb Rating 5.5 10 260

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Lyubov Aksyonova as Kseniya
Ieva Andrejevaite as Club Hostess
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rego-26372 9 / 10


I saw this movie at its Moscow premier and thought it was excellent. The casting was very good, and I thought that the movie gave as accurate an impression as I've seen in a movie.

While of course any movie will rely on stereotypes to a certain extent, this film made all of the characters and scenes interesting and believable, and sketched out several Moscow stereotypes, including the big businessman, the popular celebrity, the good girls, the bad girls, the hoodlums, the Soviet babushka, and the people that interact with them in a satisfying way. In addition, the movie's portrayal of Moscow nightlife, traffic, and attitudes rings true.

I thought that the cinematography was excellent. While the film is generally not political, there are a few scenes with political overtones, including at least one which generated spontaneous applause at the premier.

I went into this movie not expecting any in particular but enjoyed it very much and highly recommend to anyone interested in a very good contemporary Russian film.

Reviewed by gabitova-alba 10 / 10

Good movie

Yesterday I saw this film and it was very nice to see such a realistic movie because I had an experience to move to this city and to see almost everything portrayed in the film. Old apartments with alcoholic people when I was looking to rent a room with little amount of money, and I understand that my good command of singing doesn't mean anything here, and so on. And at that moment this city went upside down in my eyes.

But what I really missed to see in the film was that Moscow on the other hand is an amazing city. You have a lot of opportunities to find a good job with fair salary there, and you don't need to find a rich man justifying it with your life being difficult, and neither shall you be thinking that you only can sell out your body to make a good living. I would really want to see this optimistic view of the city where I am living.

Reviewed by larrys3 3 / 10

Melancholic Russian Soap Opera

To me, this film played like a Russian soap opera. The lives of multiple characters are followed and interconnect on Moscow City Day.

However, the themes are so melancholic and many of the characters are so unlikable, that I didn't care much what happened to any of them by the time the movie was over.

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