Motherhood: Life's Greatest Miracle



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Keywords:   woman director, pregnancy, silent film, birth, maternity

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by boblipton 5 / 10

I Love My Wife, But Oh, You Kid!

This one-hour movie covers the pregnancies of two expectant mothers: one a wealthy, social-climbing woman who is reluctantly talked out of an abortion, and the other a lower-middle-class woman who accepts the dictates of her husband, doctor and acquaintances. They accept the era's platitudes, attitudes and understanding of the process.... all of them male. There are also bouts of art titles, offering high-blown, long-winded prayers.

It's more an illustrated tract than a story. It's most remarkable for the talent involved. Writer-director Lita Lawrence is said to be the first Black woman to direct a feature movie. Neither she nor the four featured actors seem to have made another movie.

More than 90 years have passed since this movie was produced for States Rights distribution, and society and its attitudes have changed enormously. Even so, I find this has an ironic attitude to the entire subject.

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