Mother's Day


Comedy / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 42%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 38%
IMDb Rating 5.4 10 4312

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by slimer8489 7 / 10

A Unique Horror Film; Very Overlooked

As a fan of Troma and Lloyd Kaufman, I must say that this film is excellent in the horror genre. When I first saw this, I was 15 and it was in June. I thought of it as a good, but "meh" film. Just recently, I picked up the DVD at Barnes & Noble (the DVD has excellent transfer, by the way), I gave it another watch, and I totally LOVED IT!!! Firstly, I love the idea of not just one crazy psychotic killer, but a whole family of them. Ike and Addley (the two sons) are very underrated killers in horror, and should be recognized more. My favorite scene has got to be the opening scene where the man gets killed with a machete. It creates the mood for this film, and both the setup and execution are excellent. A great use of slow-mo for this scene.

Second, the characters are wonderful. I feel bad for Jackie. All her life, she has been pushed over and used. I'm not gonna give anything away, but I feel bad for what happens to her.

Finally, I love how we get to see how the killers spend their days. I love how Ike and Addley live and act like children. I can certainly feel something when Ike says "You killed my brother!" It sounds just like something a little boy would say, and the way he says it is child-like, too.

Overall, this movie is wonderful. Definitely a movie I don't regret picking up at Barnes and Noble (unlike the Wayne's World 2-for-1 pack, which had no special features, whereas the separate DVDs had tons). But sadly, this is one of those movies where people like to look at it as an abomination of some sort to the world of film. I think people should learn to have fun with this film. Just go in to this film with a fun mood.

And oh yeah, the remake. Well, I've heard bad reviews on this one (but that doesn't stop me from seeing a movie), and judging by the cover, it doesn't have the charm that the original one had. It looks like one of those horror movies where everything is serious, everyone is cranky, and there are cuss words up the butt. But then, I saw the special features on the Mother's Day (1980) DVD, and a majority of them feature the director of the remake. He seemed really passionate about the original and seemed like a guy who wouldn't want to screw up the original when it comes to a remake. I don't really plan on seeing this remake in the future, but I might for curiosity's sake, and the enthusiasm of the director. I must say, he is really energetic about the original film. He tried looking for the actors who played Ike and Addley (but couldn't find them, since the names of the actors were supposedly aliases), has interviewed the director, and has told his life story about his interest in the film. I like this guy.

EDIT: The director of the remake was only in one special feature, the actual person I was referring to was Eli Roth, and the movie he wanted Ike and Addley in was Cabin Fever, not Cabin in the Woods. Sorry about that.

Reviewed by Boggman 10 / 10

"I'm a sick woman"!!!

Wow! Words can hardly express how much I love this movie! This is a true 80's horror classic, with a little bit of camp thrown in for fun! I can't say enough about this under seen little gem! For it's time and genre, the gore and killings are just fantastic. I really dig the script as well. I won't say much about the plot, as it is described in other reviews. I will say that in my opinion, the acting is absolutely fantastic(contrary to other reviews).

The three actresses (Nancy Hendrickson, Deborah Luce, Tiana Pierce)that star in this movie seem to have a great chemistry amongst themselves. Their laughing and playing comes off smoothly and they are quite convincing as old college pals. Their scenes together flow naturally throughout the film and do not come off as contrived in the slightest bit.

The brothers Ike (Holden McGuire) and Addley (Michael McCleery) are SUPERB in their roles!! They truly give off the creepiest vibe with such ease that it's hard to tell that they are acting. Lastly, Rose Ross is fantastic in her role as Momma. She can be sweet, demanding, scary, demented, and creepy without batting an eyelash. People have criticized this film for years but it is a film that really entertains the serious horror fan. I have been watching these movies for 25 years and this is definitely one in my top 5! Mother's Day achieves what it sets out to do!! It scares its audience first, and then successfully makes you care about its characters before terrifying you all over again!! Do you root for killers, do you root for the victims, or do you root for Queeenie?? ;-) Hell .. I root for them ALL every time I watch it!! I am thrilled that Troma released this on DVD! Good job guys!

Reviewed by ironhorse_iv 4 / 10

The mother of all-time bad Troma horror movies.

Someone had some mommy issues when making this turd. Honestly, this movie was pretty bad, even for a produced movie from Troma Entertainment. It was just ridiculous. Director Charles Kauffman, the brother of Troma founder, Lloyd Kauffman, really make a movie that most mothers wouldn't like, nor even want to see it. While the violent, rape, and murder might be disturbing, it's not entertaining. The film is gritty, had awful humor wherever it was, and the effects weren't wonderful. At least Lloyd's films you could get a kick out of it. Charles's films are just lame. The story is about three girls go into the forest for vacation and discover that two men are willing to do anything order by Mother (Beatrice Pons AKA Rose Ross). Mother like watching her sons commit acts of rape and murder, why? He don't know why. She's just evil. A good back story would be interesting. Kinda unbelievable character without explaining what reason she does this to the women. Anyways these women are now prisoners tortured by these two redneck idiots and their insane mother. Can any of them escape, alive or will they become another victim? Honestly, I don't care. Those three women are the most annoying creatures in the film. The opening of the film is just three girls talking, talking over photos, then talking on the phone, talking during the trip, and talking… talking… Yes, it's just three bothersome girls schmoozing, not knowing how to shut up. They are not even likable, as in one scene, they wear paper bags over their head and destroy a grocery store for no reason. So when they seek revenge on the two idiots, it's over the way campy. Who knew you can suffocating somebody with a plastic boob? The death scenes are just dumb. A television slamming on somebody head when it's not plug in, yet it's makes weird electronic sounds is stupid. The continuity are just as bad. In the opening decapitation scene, blood is spatters across the car before the decapitation. There are a lot of continuities issues in the film, to the point, it would take a whole page to show every detail. There were a few plot holes too like in the scene where a girl is lowered out of the window in a sleeping bag by her friend, yet comes back upstairs straight after to free her friend, and does not even have to unlock the door. If the door was unlocked, she could have just walked out rather than going out of the window. There a lot of stupid filler scenes. Example are the training montage with a rip-off Rocky theme, the debate of disco over punk music, and a guy stripping to 'I Think We're Alone Now' by 1960s bubblegum pop band Tommy James & the Shondells. I doubt that was the only music star feature in this film. It's just funny that the first victim in the movie, looks like Lady Gaga. That alone sold me. The movie soundtrack is just not scary, it's more a goofy tone. Another problem in the film is the boom mic visible and stupid mistakes like remembering what state they are in. The city scene opens with a caption that reads "Chicago" yet the doorman states that they are in New York. Who does that? You got a downtown with the NYC landscape with a singing cookie woman and with the bum yelling "Rockafeller makes a million dollars a day." Who knew that Chicago looks so similar to New York City? By the way, I know many Troma films contain social commentary, but what is the point of showing them if it's not relatable to anything else in the film. The ending is a bit of a disappointing. The movie talk throughout the film about the mother having an evil sister named Queeny that roaming the woods who eat people? It would be awesome if they have, show that. I think the movie isn't scary at all, but what I heard about the production is, a bit scary. Prior to filming, a dead body was found in the house used in the film. The house used in the film was an actual house in the woods of Newton, New Jersey. No one had lived there for 15 years prior to filming. The previous owner of the home was murdered there. Also at the same area where they were filming. Shot across the lake at the same time was the original Friday the 13th (1980) was being filmed. Why couldn't I be watching that? Nevertheless, this movie was remake in 2010's with the same name. Everything about that 2010 remake is different besides the title. So I wouldn't call it a remake. Still, this movie will always be that vile mean-spirited turd gift that would ruins mother's day if given to anybody to watch.

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