Mountain Top


Drama / Family / Mystery

IMDb Rating 7.2 10 500

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Top cast

Barry Corbin as Sam Miller
Bob Gunton as Maxwell Forrest
Lin Shaye as Muriel Miller
Sydney Penny as Judge Coberg

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Reviewed by lesterhughesjr 10 / 10

Christian movies are getting better

Christian movies are getting better. This movie has a spiritual depth which I only seen in the Passion of CHRIST. It shows that communion with the FATHER can be so real that many will think you are a "crackpot". This is one of the wonderful things about losing yourself and being consumed by God

Reviewed by Rmcgraw-456-934352 10 / 10

Mountain Top Views and Performances are Breathtaking

This movie is special. Beautiful mountain scenery and superb acting. Barry Corbin as Sam makes you want to discover his "Papa". And Coby McLaughlin's portrayal as Mike Andrews , the lawyer turned preacher turned lawyer again makes you pull for him like your favorite sports team. You can feel his struggle to be a Godly man in his home and career and be true to his calling while trying to discern what this soothsayer (Sam) is trying to teach him . I mean you actually pull for the lawyer as the "good guy". The movie will make you laugh lots and cry a little. And the tears are as real as the characters. For God so Loved the world... The movie is unashamed of its message of love and the Lord but the characters are so REAL you feel you are living in the scenes. And I must say, Danny Vinson is one funny, under-appreciated actor. He is every small town newspaper reporter you have ever known, or imagined. A quality, well paced film. The music in this film is a perfect match for the scenes depicted. Amazing how Whitlow and Wheeler can bring to the screen these Whilow books. Every movie these guys do gets better and better.

Reviewed by nd4-13 10 / 10

Surprisingly Wonderful Movie!

I just started a subscription to UP Faith and Family, and this movie appeared at the top as a recommendation. The cover was done well, so I proceeded to read the description. It peaked my interested, so I gave it a try. It captured my attention from the start, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I kept thinking "why haven't I heard of this before!" Great plot, beautiful scenery, and such good acting. Coby Ryan McLaughlin was so convincing - no over-acting, and I felt the kindness of the man he played. And the performances of Barry Corbin and Lin Shaye were truly awesome. Loved it! Wish I could find more like it.

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