Move Along, There is Nothing to See

1983 [FRENCH]


IMDb Rating 5.1 10 354

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Jane Birkin as Hélène Duvernet
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Reviewed by jotix100 3 / 10

Move on, there's nothing to see...

Could this film be the work of Patrice Leconte? The director of "Ridicule", "Monsieur Hire", and other excellent movies must have been on auto pilot when he undertook the helm of this ship that was moving upstream without a clue about what port it was heading for. For a comedy, not having a single laugh, it is a capital sin. The idea of an obnoxious detective harassing people is not exactly a novelty, but in the case of this French comedy, it is an irritating joke running through the picture. Besides all its sins, this movie is sadly dated; it just did not age well. On the other hand, M. Leconte is entitled to a miss in his career.

Michel Blanc had the thankless task of making his inspector Leroux a royal pain in the neck, as he keeps going back to the home of a gallery owner with a senseless excuse that does not even make any sense in the context of what the creators were hoping to achieve. Jane Birkin suffers stoically the accusations directed at her. Jacques Villaret is totally wasted in the film.

Reviewed by bensan9 7 / 10


This movie has a very funny and interesting idea. A dorky police man becomes obsessed with a pretty lady and lots of comedy ensues. Oh and Jane Birken is lovely.

I really enjoyed watching this one.

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