Mr. Majestyk


Action / Crime / Drama / Romance / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 77%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 67%
IMDb Rating 6.8 10 7308

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Charles Bronson as Vince Majestyk
Al Lettieri as Frank Renda
Lee Purcell as Wiley
Linda Cristal as Nancy Chavez
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P/S 4 / 10

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Coventry 8 / 10

Charlie's got a melon to pick with you!

"Mr. Majestyk" is inarguably one of Charles Bronson's most masterful action movie accomplishments (not counting the westerns like "Once Upon a Time in the West" and "The Magnificent Seven" because he didn't play the central character in those) and this is mainly thanks to the skillful writing of Elmore Leonard and the tight direction of Richard Fleischer. More than in the other contemporary Bronson action vehicles, "Mr. Majestyk" benefices from a steadily paced and intelligent screenplay that fully revolves on Charles Bronson, but at least never exaggeratedly idolizes him. Vince Majestyk is a modest and introvert Colorado melon farmer who only wants to bring in his harvestÂ… He ends up in jail after a conflict with a local small time crook, but things get really serious when a wanted mafia hit man targets him for assassination. Mr. Majestyk wanted to deliver the escaped convict Frank Renda back to the police, but his plan failed and now Renda is obsessed with killing Vince with his own hands. The plot isn't hyper-convoluted, but it's definitely more ambitious than the average "Death Wish" sequel in which Charles blows away random street scum. The villainous characters in "Mr. Majestyk" are interesting personalities. Frank Renda (brilliant performance from Al Lettieri) is a genuinely menacing and relentless criminal, whereas Bobby Kopas is just a sleazy and cowardly local marauder who thinks he's a big shot. The interactions between Vince and these gangsters confirm their personalities. He's not afraid of Renda but remains wary and respectful at all times, whereas he continuously mocks and humiliates the racist wannabe cowboy Bobby Kopas. It is definitely the sharp and seasoned writing of Elmore Leonard what brings the film to a higher quality level. "Mr. Majestyk" certainly isn't a non-stop spitfire of action sequences, but there are a couple of explosively violent moments that are unforgettable. The escape during the prison transportation, for example, as well as the Ford pick-up chase and the climatic shootout. Great film, highly recommended to all action cinema fanatics!

Reviewed by jellopuke 8 / 10

Solid 70's action movie

A well written and made, slow burning action movie with Bronson being Bronson even while playing the part of a melon picker. It works because they keep it simple. Dude is mad at him and wants hi dead. Bronson does not want to die but doesn't want to kill either. Eventually he's pushed too far and BAMMO, you get the action climax. Solid stuff that doesn't reinvent the wheel but gives a good 90 minutes of entertainment.

Reviewed by PimpinAinttEasy 8 / 10

Only a notch below Charley Varrick .....

The directors of today must pine for a villain like AL LETTIERI. You can tell that he is a man who has never sat in front of a computer. He has never worried about calories. He drinks bourbon at 10 am in the morning. He would never pretend to be a feminist. If he ever fought a war, he must have chopped off a few enemy heads for fun. When he does get beaten up/shot, it is on the big screen and only by the best men - BRONSON, BRANDO, WAYNE, PACINO and MCQUEEN.

I cannot say anything about BRONSON that hasn't already been said. There isn't a more effortlessly badass actor than him. He just turns up on screen and doesn't do much. He looks a little more weather beaten than EASTWOOD. His body language is comparable to BRUCE LEE and BRANDO. All his character wants to do in this movie is get his melons picked. And he would kill anyone who came between him and his melons :) The film is a terrific small town action flick. Maybe just a notch below CHARLEY VARRICK, due to the fact that BRONSON bests the villains too easily. The film could also have used a sharper background score. But its great entertainment. All those American backroads, unusual characters (like the quiet book reading beer drinking lady who lets BRONSON use the phone when he is on the run), creeks, gas stations (the film begins at one) and bars are something that any film viewer would cherish.

RICHARD FLEISCHER has directed some terrific films in his career - like 10 RILLINGTON PLACE and NARROW MARGIN. ELMORE LEONARD writes some great one liners and scenes. The first scene in the film when BRONSON lets the Mexican lady use the toilet despite the gas station attendants objections is such a great opening. The hands on action scenes were terrific. They are all set in dusty backroads and rocky mountain ranges.

It is for films like MR.MAJESTYK that i watch American movies.

I think a couple of locations might have been used by David Lynch for WILD AT HEART and Tarantino for DEATHPROOF. Or they might have been inspired by them.

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