Mummy Reborn


Adventure / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 22%
IMDb Rating 2.1 10 605

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Platypuschow 1 / 10

Mummy Reborn: It's true, it's all true

The ocean of 1/10 one line poorly worded reviews for this movie, it's true! Every single word.

I currently stand at around 9600 movies watched according to IMDB so hopefully that will put things into perspective and give my following statement some real weight. This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen, easily bottom 10.

Now before I continue I want to point out that this is one of those IMDB movies in the middle of a game of tug of war. Looking at the reviews, the wording and the new accounts it's clear there is a hate campaign against the film. Weeks ago when I first came onto the films page there was even a full on troll FAQ slagging the movie off. But on the flipside one in every three ratings is a 10 so clearly it's being shilled into oblivion as well.

So why is it so bad? Wow, where could I start? I actually thought based on everything I read that it couldn't possibly be that bad, it really is.

For a start you often see dishonest movie covers, where for example a girl is in a state of undress where she isn't in the film or a guy has a gun on the cover whereas he never holds one in the entire movie. Mummy Reborn sets a new dishonest standard as everything you see on the cover is a lie, the vehicles, the guns, the priestess and most shockingly the characters. No seriously, who are those people because they're not in the movie.

The film itself is supposed to be a horror, but at random increments it gets intentionally silly/comedic. The balance is insane and you just can't take the movie seriously. But then again the script is so laughable and the acting is so dire you couldn't take it seriously anyway.

I cringed through a large portion of the film, it's not a problem with the cinematography it's just literally everything else. Even the soundtrack, it features Ave Maria and at the most bizarre time.

Fight scenes, sfx, plot, script, acting, this is a flawlessly bad movie and I'd recommend it to anyone looking for an unintentional comedy. Even then, be drunk or something to soften the blow.

The Good:

The Bad:

Certain parts are literal intentional comedy and stupidly out of place

Acting ranges from bad to "How in the blue hell did this person get the role?"

Some logic is offensively stupid

Vile characters, who am I supposed to be rooting for?

Ave Maria, really?

That script

Dishonest cover

The finale

Reviewed by davidtglass75 1 / 10

Mummy Reborn

SERIOUSLY AVOID has to be one of the worst ever titles I've watched in a long time, bad acting, terrible script, makeup and effects are so bad be forewarned this film is bad.

Reviewed by grahammwiles 1 / 10

The Biggest Load of S-H-1-T Ever!

What ever you do and no matter how much you believe that this film might be good because it has a mummy in it. You will be the fool if you watch it. Avoid this film at all costs. It's boring, pathetic, very low budget, crummy acting, stupid story, awful filming and overall a complete waste of time and money.

You have been warned!

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