Munger Road


Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 39%
IMDb Rating 4.5 10 1597

Keywords:   escaped convict, festival, ghost hunting, autumn

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Trevor Morgan as Corey LaFayve
Bruce Davison as Chief Kirkhoven
Lauren Storm as Rachael Donahue
Randall Batinkoff as Deputy Hendricks
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by smhb_inc 5 / 10

What Could Have Been a Great Film, Ends Abruptly & Badly!

This movie Could have been Great! It's really creepy! It's well acted! It's well directed! The music is astoundingly good! St. Charles, Illinois never looked so good on the big-screen! However, watching Munger Road is kind of like watching The Blair Witch Project with the last 10 minutes of the film missing. The film is missing a conclusion. Munger Road does a wonderful job of creating tension, suspense and then pops all of that beautiful momentum like a balloon in your face without even attempting an adequate, plausible, or even fantastic explanation. It just ends! Which is really a big let down because most of this film is really good. So it you don't mind watching a good horror movie without an ending by all means check out Munger Road.

Reviewed by Loveactually87 6 / 10

Interesting premise, unfinished ending

I'm not a big horror movie person as I don't like being scared. As a long time Bartlett resident, I, like all of my high school peers, was excited to hear that they had made a film about one of the creepiest roads in our area. Munger Road is technically in Bartlett and Wayne, however, I can see the benefit of using downtown St. Charles for storytelling purposes. It was really thrilling and intriguing to me that someone would write a horror film based off a legend that people in our area widely know and have tried for themselves (placing baby powder on the bumper to see if you get ghostly hand prints that indicate spirits were trying to push you off of the tracks). The film was a little on the slow side but I feel like this is probably a component of scary movies to help build suspense. There were really creepy moments that were more of what your imagination made out of it than what was actually shown. I think that's a great strategy and often much more effective than showing the killer and the acts that they perform. There were the usual "Why are they doing this??" moments with the characters where you wish they would just use common sense and get the heck out of there. The movie began picking up momentum at the end and I was becoming more and more confused about what was going on. I was invested in what was happening and wanted to know more, and then it ended. I can see how that would go with the movie's general trend of leaving the horror up to your imagination, however, I feel like I needed more clues to make sense of things. I would recommend going to see this movie because it is clever and refreshingly different from the horror films that I have seen. I just wish that it was paced differently and that ending afforded more clues and resolution.

Reviewed by strmchsr8 6 / 10

Best Horror Movie I've Seen In A While, But Not Much Of A Plot

This movie shows that you can make a good horror movie with no gore whatsoever on a budget under $45,000.00. This movie has lots of jump scenes that are WAY unexpected and made me jump in my seat along with the entire theater. The movie took about 30 minutes to get into the plot, which wasn't much of a plot. The plot is that on the night before the Scarecrow fest, a killer breaks out of a prison and is on the loose. While this happens, four teenagers decide to go to the "Ghost Haunted" Munger Road. The legend of Munger Road is that a bus filled with school kids got hit by a train after stopping on the train tracks. There's also another legend that a girl got murdered in a barn near there. This movie has lots of jump scenes and a twist ending that will hopefully pop out a sequel.

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