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Scoot McNairy as Panache
Dick Van Dyke as Dr. Jonathan Maxwell
Roxanne Hart as Betty Larch
Barry Van Dyke as Mike Bryant
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by USS_Ranger_Vet 7 / 10

Worth watching for Dick, Barry Van Dyke & "Diagnosis Murder" fans

This was essentially a remake of "Diagnosis Murder" minus Victoria Rowell, Scott Baio & Charlie Schlatter. Dick is playing a college professor who teaches Criminology 101 and can't even find his own classroom. Barry is now a private eye, not related to Dick. This lets Barry shoot at guys speeding away from him, which a cop can not do. Barry still gets the girl in the end. Tracey Needham portrays the girl. She is the prime suspect and Dick and Barry believe she's innocent and prove it. That's all the spoiler you get. The ending is sufficiently unexpected that you don't already know it half way through the movie.

Don't take it seriously. Don't critique it. Just sit back and enjoy Dick and Barry Van Dyke.

Reviewed by mrsnaye 10 / 10

Wonderful, just what you'd expect from Dick Van Dyke

If you enjoyed the TV Series, Diagnosis Murder, you'll love Murder 101. It's great to see Dick Van Dyke in a murder mystery again. If we're lucky, this one will be a start of a TV series or at least series of movies.

This movie definitely had some great and notable actors filling the roles. But, it didn't feel like a "face" movie. It was really a story that drew you in making you forget about the fame of those on the screen.

I made a guess as to the ending and was so pleasantly surprised at the end that I had to watch it again! This is a must see for any mystery buff or Dick Van Dyke lover!

Reviewed by Celticnationalist 6 / 10

Good TVM that's lifted by the stars.

Those stars of course being Father and Son double act Dick and Barry Van Dyke, So, if like me, you enjoyed 'Diagnosis Murder' or really any other mystery series such as Perry Mason or Murder she wrote, I'm sure you'll enjoy this TVM, the first of 4 to date.

Dick van Dyke plays Dr Mark Slo...I mean Dr Jonathan Maxwell, a rather forgetful Professor of Criminology, a role which isn't a world away from his former character on 'DM', and Barry van Dyke is Steve Slo... I mean Mike Bryant an Ex-cop turned Private Eye, They aren't father and son this time, but friends who have known each other for over 30 years and end up working together on cases, this one being of an mysterious explosion which killed a CEO of a thought-to-be successful company which could be in financial difficulty and try to clear the name of woman who was last seen arguing with the deceased.

Like I said if you've seen the aforementioned series' above you'll know what to expect, and although It has a similar feel to other Hallmark Channel productions of late such as 'Mystery Woman', 'Jane Doe' & 'Mcbride' the inclusion of the Van Dyke's lift this above most of them in terms of quality.

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