Murder in the Vineyard



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Emma Fuhrmann as Beatrice Kirk
Helena Mattsson as Emma Kirk
Joanne Baron as Principal Brown
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by deedrala 1 / 10

So bad

LMN isn't even bothering anymore to attempt an interesting storyline with a feasible plot and motive for the usual resident psycho villain:

"Because she acts like she's better than everyone else" ??! Seriously??! An 18-year-old male in high school thinking and acting like a whiny little pony-tailed teeny-bopper, getting jealous and petty over the new girl in school attracting the attention of his soccer buddy?? So he goes to all these elaborate wacko extremes to make life hell for her?! He has nothing better to do??!

Along with everything else (writing, acting, directing, music/soundtrack) being so wrong with this joke of a movie, the casting was horrendous. The writing was obviously done by drunken third-graders. I could go on...

You could almost see the lead actors trying to keep from bursting out laughing throughout the entire tortuous hour and forty-three minutes of this absolute travesty, but I guess they needed the paycheck.

A definite must-NOT-see. Skip it for your own mental health's sake.

Reviewed by arant_jga 7 / 10

Pretty good for a Lifetime movie!

Emma and her daughter, Bee, own a vineyard and are re-adjusting to life there. Beginning to settle in, Bee starts up at school and is liked by a football player. Unfortunately, for Bee, not everyone at her school is happy with his interest in her and start victimizing her online and at school. Who is it and how will she fight back? You will have to tune in to find out. Enjoyable with some continuity flaws in the storyline.

Reviewed by dougdispiri 4 / 10

If I wanted to listen to a playlist . . .

. . .every scene had a different distraction singer lamenting something. It is very annoying. I watch to view and not listen to the playlist. I am ready to shut the TV off.

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