Murder-Rock: Dancing Death

1984 [ITALIAN]

Mystery / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.6 10 1690

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Lucio Fulci as Phil, the agent
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rogombor 10 / 10

Great suspense flick, makes you more uneasy than any modern one will

Loved it. Great suspense, disturbing murder scenes. Not too gory, but the suspense makes up for it. Very tense, the closeups, the pre-murder lighting and screams, the sound of the heart stopping. The victims' desperation is well played. Music is great to set you in the era, but you'll find it cheesy if you don't like 80s stuff. Some of the nudity was perhaps unnecessary but still stylishly done. The movie is weird but well executed. It isn't as gruesome as a gore flick, but I think it was more disturbing as it provides greater immersion. The slow killings are a shocker as you can feel them as real. I found myself trembling several times watching this, both by the murder scenes themselves and the suspense going through all the movie. Great camera shots, great scene composition, awesome lighting. The plot is simple but it works. It's interesting to watch the students accusing each other of the murders. There's an unexpected plot twist that I found rather interesting. Don't watch it if '80s cheesiness puts you off. In my case it was a plus. My first venture into giallo cinema and it satisfied me beyond my expectations. If I can find similar movies will definitely watch them. Last recommendation: do yourselves a favor and don't watch it dubbed, watch it in Italian as it's intended to be watched. Dubs for low budget movies aren't precisely good and will make the movie look fake. Get Italian audio with captions for maximum enjoyment.

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 6 / 10

Fame costs, and this is where you start paying... with your life!

After the blockbuster success of dance movies Fame and Flashdance, Lucio Fulci, Italy's 'King of Gore', decided it would be a good idea to cash-in on the craze, so in 1984 he gave the world Murder Rock, a giallo style thriller packed with energetic dance sequences (performed by bodacious babes in skimpy Lycra leotards and leggings) and several murders (performed by a mysterious unseen killer wearing gloves and a leather jacket).

Unfortunately, due to the modus operandi chosen by the movie's murderer—a hat pin in the heart—the film is considerably less gory than Fulci's earlier blood-drenched movies, and, despite it being one of his more competent and visually interesting efforts, many of his loyal fans were disappointed with the result. I found the film no less entertaining than most of Lucio's previous efforts, crammed as it is with wall-to-wall gyrating, sweaty hard-bodied honeys, but a bit more gore would certainly have been welcomed.

Starting with a long opening dance sequence in which we get to see our potential victims bopping away to a pounding disco beat, Fulci makes it quite clear that T&A is high on the agenda. The stunning girls enthusiastically writhe and thrust to the music, building up such a sweat that it isn't long before viewers are treated to the first shower scene, which ends with a busty blonde becoming victim number one. In a virtually bloodless murder, the killer pushes a bejewelled hat-pin into the girl's heaving bosom, puncturing her heart. And a legion of Fulci fans scream, 'Where's the gore?'.

And so it continues, with more dance sequences (including one erotic routine reminiscent of Jennifer Beal's nightclub act from Flashdance) and a few more splatter-free deaths. Fulci tries hard to emulate the directorial stylistics used by his contemporaries in the genre, and manages to throw together some quite interesting visuals, but the film soon becomes tedious, and with my two favourite girls offed first, I quickly started to lose patience.

In typical giallo fashion, the killer is revealed during the film's closing moments, but anyone who has seen this kind of thing before will probably have worked out who was responsible long before the end.

And the relevance of the hat-pins? Well that is never explained leaving me wondering why Fulci picked this method of killing when an axe to the head would have been so much juicier.

Murder Rock gets 6/10, primarily for the oodles of gratuitous nudity (hey, I'm easily pleased!).

Reviewed by The_Void 7 / 10

Flashdancing Death

Lucio Fulci's Murder Rock is often lambasted by both Fulci and Giallo fans; and although I can certainly see why, I've got to say that this film satisfied me personally and I won't hesitate to label it a successful attempt at blending the tacky eighties styling's of dance phenomenon's the likes of 'Flashdance' with the familiar styling's of the popular Italian Giallo. I'm sure Fulci thought he was on to a definite winner back in 1984 with all these popular elements in one film; and even though I'm not sure how they would have been received at the time, nowadays it stands up as an amusing slice of kitsch nostalgia. I think the director cared more about making a quick buck on this film than providing the mass with a piece of art, and this shines through in the convoluted, but not well put together plot line. As you might expect, the film centres on a dance academy. After one of the girls is found dead, the cops place everyone at the academy under suspicion and when the murders continue; the police are given more leads to eventually track down the perpetrator.

The main reason why this film isn't liked by many of my fellow Fulci fanatics is due to the fact that it's relatively bloodless in comparison to his other works. The likes of The New York Ripper and The Beyond show the director at his gritty, blood-dripping best...whereas the kill scenes in this movie hardly feature any of the red stuff. That being said, they are still rather sadistic, as the killer knocks his victim out with chloroform before puncturing their heart with, of all things, a hat pin. Still, it has nothing on the eyeball violence of Zombie Flesh-Eaters. The musical numbers are atrocious in true eighties pop style, while the dance scenes are rather boring and not what I tuned in for. Fulci does find time to implement some gorgeous visuals, and the blue tint that accompanies most scenes gives the film a certain sense of art. Even though many of the film's elements are not brilliant, I still rate this film as an overall success as it's entertaining and fun to watch, and even though there are too many filler scenes; the plot plays out nicely. It's not a major highlight either for the genre or for the director, but Murder Rock is still worth seeing.

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