Murdered by My Father


Action / Drama

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Atul Sharma as Abdul Uncle - Wedding Guest
Kiran Sonia Sawar as Salma Abbas
Adeel Akhtar as Shahzad
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Prismark10 7 / 10

No honour

Murdered by My Father written by Vinay Patel is a heartbreaking tale of Salma torn between choosing family tradition or her own individual freedom. You hope that they will be some kind of happy resolution but the title kind of gives the game away.

Salma's father Shahzad (Adeel Akhtar) is a hard working widower raising two children. His teenage daughter Salma (Kiran Sonia Sawar) has been promised to Haroon, once she finishes her education which would be good business sense for the family but Salma had fallen in love with Imi who she spends a lot of time with even skipping college.

Of course once Haroon discovers that Salma has a boyfriend he and his father humiliate Shazad, who feels dishonoured and takes it out on his daughter. He locks her up but she escapes but when she returns the next day it ends in tragedy.

Not only that but as we see in the beginning of the drama the bloodied body of Shazad, who after killing Salma stabs himself and throws himself off the apartment block leaving his young son alone as an orphan. It is a double tragedy.

Kiran Sonia Sawar gives a fine performance as a young teenage girl entering into womanhood, in love with a teenage boy and trying to keep her father happy.

Shazad is really not written as a monster, he is a hard working family man who feels he is doing his best for his daughter. His actions are of someone who has just snapped and later realised the consequences of his actions.

The true monsters are Haroon and his father. They are the outsiders, who pressurise Shazad for his young daughter and then point the finger of judgment.

Once these hypocritical behavioural witch hunters are outed, shamed and shunned can the matter of honour killings be tackled.

Reviewed by Noortygirl 9 / 10

Accurate reflection

I just finished watching 'Murdered by My Father' on iPlayer. My heart is in my stomach. It really struck a nerve. It puts up a mirror against (British) Asian culture and touches upon so many important issues. Respectability politics, forced marriages, and societal pressure, which come together to show us the very serious, yet very taboo subject of honour killings. It shows us the danger of treating daughters like possessions, and I cannot emphasise enough how toxic yet unfortunately common that way of thinking is. Girls are often seen as a burden, property that must be passed on from the father to the husband. All the characters fall victim to this deplorable belief.

I sympathise with the main character, Salma, because she's driven by peer pressure and cultural obligations. At times I even feel sorry for the father, who is consumed by pride and "honour". There are so many clever subtleties added in to emphasise how fear tactics are used to force control over young girls like Salma, and how the subject is brushed under the carpet by everyone in the "community". One person literally drew their curtains to everything that was happening. It was ironic. The father tried so hard to seek approval from his community, yet those same people turned their backs on him. It's exactly that sort of mentality that needs to be abolished. The idea that society is everything, and what they think matters. That culture comes above mental health, and personal choice. That pride is more important than life. It's a powerful contemporary drama and I urge everyone to watch it.

ALSO, an outstanding performance by the entire cast, Mawaan Rizwaan (Imi) definitely stood out!

Reviewed by katiemcdonnell-86015 8 / 10

Tense and heartbreaking story line

Murdered by My Father, was a drama produced by the BBC based on a true-life honour killing of a British Asian girl. This BBC Drama touches upon many important issues that British Asian cultures' face within society. The writer, Vinay Patel, explores in depth the decisions many Asian families face in order to maintain respect and honour.

The tense and heartbreaking story line reveals the struggles Salma, the main character, has to go through whilst deciding whether to keep the family tradition of an arranged marriage- or prioritise her own individual happiness. Salma's father Shazad reflects the issues within 'respect' and 'honour' in the community. In the beginning Shazad appears to be pressurised by Haroon (Salma's promised husband) and his father, through the consistent rush of Salma's marriage to Haroon. Shazad emphasises this pressure further through the one to one talks he has with Salma and the lines "You carry all of us with you", "When you fail, I fail".

The key themes of family values and social status are reflected throughout this BBC drama. "When you get married I can die happy", Shazad refers to the Asian community accepting their family, as well as no longer needing to seek approval from the community. Throughout the drama the reflection of the whole family was presented through: the belief that society is everything and what they think matters. Within one of the scenes a neighbour in the community drew their curtains- hiding everything that was about to happen, as Salma within the programme "Someone's always watching, trust me".

This powerful, moving drama explores how a young woman falling in love ends with tragic consequences for everyone. Murdered by My Father emphasised in depth the tragic truth within honour killings; through the ending scene the programme stated how many 'honour-based' violence cases were reported since 2010: "12,000".

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