Mutt Boy

2003 [KOREAN]


IMDb Rating 6.2 10 274

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hokensongirl 7 / 10

For the pleasure of performance

Mutt Boy is probably the least glamorous role Woo-Sung Jung has taken on his shoulders ~ but that itself reflects the drive to be more than just a pretty face which unfortunately constitutes much of the "Hallyu" wave sweeping Southeast Asia and the world off their feet. His performance as Chol-min is simply a pleasure to watch, from the way he does laundry, the slight lisp and hunched shoulders to spitting food while eating; these are just some examples of Jung's embodiment of his character. The intermittent narrative is another audio perk and for the lack of a better example ~ think of the same way Tom Hanks is Forrest Gump the movie; Woo-sung Jung is Mutt-Boy the movie. There are however parts of the script that felt heavily under-developed and viewers are left hanging with the question, "Now what?". Whether it's the relationship between Chol-min and his dad, his friends; his dad and Jeong Ae. The world of "mentally-challenged" was touched on but the issue was not addressed. Yet for fans of Woo-Sung Jung; I have a feeling just watching him on-screen would make this worthy and in some ways I'd have to agree.

Reviewed by Meganeguard 7 / 10

Give me some rice cake

Mutt Boy, Dong-gae, tells the story of Chul-min, nicknamed Stray Dog, a young man who possesses little intelligence, but one hell of a temper. The son of a detective, Stray Dog's only boyhood friends is a mixed breed dog that follows him everywhere for several years. Because of his slow nature, Stray Dog is often the target of bullies. However, either because of his slow-witted nature or lack of care, he rarely becomes angry. Yet, after members of the soccer team make his dog into dinner, Stray Dog brutally beats one member of the team and pursues Jin Mook the chief bully. However, before Stray Dog is able to beat up Jin Mook, his father comes along and takes him away.

After the incident, Stray Dog drops out of high school and spends his days stealing money from his father, watching television, and preparing meals. Two key events change his humdrum life. First a couple members of a gang of dropouts challenge Stray Dog to a fight and second a young girl, Jung-ae, an orphan and thief, moves into the family home at his father's behest.

Although my review makes Mutt Boy out to be a serious drama, this film is actually quite a comedic experience. Jung Woo Sung does a wonderful job depicting the brain-dead, but big hearted Stray Dog and some scenes in the film, such as inside the massage parlor will make you guffaw. However, some aspects of the film will leave one wondering "huh?" because they have little impact film's primary story line and seem to be little more than filler. Mutt Boy is well worth the time it takes to watch it, but for repeated viewings try Gwak's film Friend instead.

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