My Best Friend Anne Frank

2021 [DUTCH]


IMDb Rating 6.6 10 299

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by elvirahelena13 7 / 10

A must to understand life outside the Annex

I actually found if even harsher than any version of Anne Frank. As we are based only in the accounts of Otto Frank, who was the only survivor from the Annex and the Diary of Anna in hiding. However, the movie shows how harsh things became for the Jews with the Invasion and how terrible was to suddenly know that friends and people you knew either disappeared in hiding or where deported. Those that mention that is a lot of talking don't seem to get the drama of all as well as what has been proved that Anne was in fact a not easy child and even rebel. Even in her diary you can notice a full teenager answering back and discovering herself. Recommended to also see what happened outside the Annex while the Franks where in Hiding and even why Hannah survived and not Anne.

Reviewed by ljacreed 5 / 10

Not worth a watch

When to this with school. It looks fine but the dialogue is very boring and nothing interesting happens. Don't go to it if you want to see a good film.

Reviewed by gwvdesker 3 / 10

Anoying Anne Frank actor

You can tell it's low budget.. Lot of talking and very little excitement. The girl that plays Anna Frank is overacting and places Anne Frank badly. She reminds most Dutch of Emma Wortelboer during Song Festival Finals 2019..

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