My Best Summer

2019 [CHINESE]

Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 5.7 10 135

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cB391 9 / 10

nice film

The movie does what it generally sets out to.

Most of the movies of this type tend to rotate around a basic story. The end is a reveal that tells you why what you thought was wrong. In some cases the characters come together, in others they don't. Depends on the story. I quite enjoyed it.

============================================================= -Having seen many mystery movies/detective movies that run on the same premise. Pretend like the protagonist is intelligent by not showing you the clues they find until the end. -Similar to many action movies. Fighting for the sake of it with magic bullets in most cases. If you enjoy those kinds of movies, you might like this one or you might not.

Some of the other comments seem quite odd. They seem to try and understand the movie from an external aspect without getting into the culture/genre. Most of the focus for top students trying to get into a good university would be around their schooling... if you were making a movie about a war, you would have a large percent of the movie focused on the war.

If you want graphic sexual movies, there are plenty of those. If you want random sexual aspects that needn't be depicted directly, then you look for other kinds of movies. This isn't intended to be obscene. It is intended to entertain, encourage people to take action in their lives if the situation fits etc. or just tell a story.

-The movie is supposed to show how gaps can exist in knowledge and expectation. To show how longing can be heartbreaking for some people while others have reasons for choosing that same longing. -Finally, while it is beneficial to have knowledge about the culture before watching the movie, it is still a standalone movie, and needn't be used to infer too much.

Reviewed by joanne-78049 10 / 10

Lovely movie

Touching story about young love acting is excellent from all the actors. Really enjoyed this movie .

Reviewed by pennyelenabooks 6 / 10

Good Enough

My best summer is the movie remake of the drama With You. Because of that, many events were a bit rushed. However, still, the movie itself was good.

What I really liked about the movie compared to the drama, was that they gave us a better ending. It was well concluded, although it could have been just a bit better. Still, it was satisfying.

Another thing that worked for My best summer, was the chemistry between the two leads. Plus, the acting was good too. The friendship part, in addition, added a fresh note to the story.

So, overall, six out of ten.

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