My Brother's Wife


Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 5.1 10 165

woman director adultery

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Uriah43 4 / 10

Something a Person Might See at an Avant-Garde Film Festival

This rather short movie (only 61 minutes) begins with a man named "Frankie" (Sam Stewart) playing pool in a billiard parlor when a bald guy by the name of "Bob" (Bob Oran) appears and beats Frankie senseless. We then learn that Bob is Frankie's brother and that Frankie has apparently been messing around with Bob's wife, "Mary" (June Roberts). The movie then proceeds to give more details on what transpired prior to Bob beating up Frankie. Now rather than reveal anything else I will just say that, with the odd camera angles combined with heavy editing and plentiful background music to accompany it, the movie seemed like something a person might see at an avant-garde film festival. Yet as artistic as it might have been, I still had great difficulty ignoring the basic dialogue, limited acting and the extremely basic plot. So while it may have been risqué for its time I feel somewhat obligated to rate this movie according to its actual merits. Slightly below average.

Reviewed by gamera64 5 / 10

typical Doris Wishman nudie-cutie

This is the story of a sleaze-bag named Frankie who screws over his brother Bob by humping and conniving Bob's young wife Mary. A fairly simple film in the Doris Wishman catalog. Available on a great double bill from Something Weird video and obviously shot in the same apartment as INDECENT DESIRES. This nudie-quickie is actually pretty engaging and moves along well. There are some crazy editing choices though with weird cuts to inanimate objects abounding. I do feel like the final reel is missing from this print though as we're led up to a big final conflict between the two main men protagonists and the the film just ends with this weird scene of Frankie seemingly waking up from a dream and regretting his shitty decisions in life. I don't think it was supposed to be a dream though. Perhaps Bob kicked his ass. Maybe someday there will be a super-duper special edition that clears up what the hell happened but I kinda doubt it.

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