My Christmas Dream


Comedy / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 4 / 10

Not really a dream

Despite loving Christmas and having no bias against Hallmark Christmas films (far from it and this has been said before quite a number of times in other reviews of their work), the premise did not really excite me. Striking me as being too much of typical Hallmark and pretty old-hat. Saw 'My Christmas Dream' as part of my quest to see as many Hallmark and Lifetime Christmas films as possible, something that has been happening on and off for nearly a year.

'My Christmas Dream' is okay but for me despite good things not much more than that. Hallmark did do worse Christmas films that year and overall, they also did better. In ranking, 'My Christmas Dream' is around low middle on both counts and was actually quite close to being in the worst category (with the worst of the bad things being pretty awful). While not quite a nightmare, this was not near close to being a dream of a film in my humble opinion.

Am going to start with the good things about 'My Christmas Dream'. It looks nice, well shot with lovely scenery. Wasn't impressed by the music on the whole, not unusual for Hallmark, but there were some pleasant and nostalgically festive parts.

There were a couple of decent performances. David Haydn-Jones is a charming leading man and Deirdre Hall is classy support, brightening the film up when she appears.

Hallmark regular Danica McKellar however didn't do it for me, she has a cliched character that is not likeable or rootable at any point in the film. Really hate it when films and such exaggerate negative character traits, which Hallmark did a lot with their female lead characters, and that was the case with Christina and when you add McKellar's over-compensating she quickly became very annoying. More insufferable though was Christian Convery as the most irritating character in the film, due to his whining and such getting excessive. McKellar and Haydn-Jones don't have much chemistry together, they seem uncomfortable around each other and never felt their love, while the romance is very rushed and underdeveloped. Few of the characters are particularly interesting and more tried and tested Hallmark cliches done with more spark elsewhere.

Regarding the script, that was mostly very stilted and cheesy as well as dreary with too much blandness to have any sentimental value. The story never comes to life and because of doing absolutely nothing different with a premise already done to death is very predictable. It is also very thin, especially early on, there is a lot of credibility straining centering around the job and what effect it would have on the family (not very honest and somewhat mean-spirited) and there is a real lack of charm or anything to connect to.

In conclusion, has good things but just okay. 4/10

Reviewed by blanche-2 6 / 10

Sweet, if Hallmark is a little behind the times

Hello, Hallmark, it's the 21st Century. And guess what? Copying films of the '40s and '50s is a little passe.

My Christmas Dream stars Danica McKellar who, at age 40, is still playing ingenues. And as far as I'm concerned, she's getting away with it.

It also stars handsome David Haydn-Jones and Diedre Hall who must have a hideous portrait in her closet.

McKellar is Christina, the manager of a department star, McDougal's, owned by Victoria (Hall). Christina is doing a terrific job and loves what she does.

Victoria arrives at the store and makes an announcement: The store is growing internationally, and they are opening a new store in Paris. They need someone to run it. Christina is perfect for it, having studied in Paris for a year and always feeling as if it was home.

However, in order to get the job, she is going to have to dazzle Victoria with the annual Christmas display, a part of the window always kept hidden until December 23.

In the meantime, she has met Kurt (Haydn-Jones) and his son Cooper. It's obvious that Kurt wants a commitment from her, but Christina shies away from it. Meanwhile she's having him help with the display and hoping it impresses Victoria.

We all know what's going to happen. It is possible to have a wonderful career and be fulfilled. It isn't one or the other nowadays. The previous film with Candace Cameron had the same theme. We see these women giving up these fabulous jobs (although Christina's is a good compromise) to stay with a man. Of course, he's going nowhere, why should he.

These Hallmark films can be boring or lovely, depending on your mood. My mood is particularly in need of mind-numbing since the election, so I would up watching this one and part of another. I understand showing romance. But this is the kind of movie my mother would have written because her generation was interested in one thing and one thing only: marriage and a family. And if you didn't have that, as far as she was concerned, you didn't have much of a life.

It's not a good fantasy for young women, whom I assume watch these things.

Otherwise, it's pleasant and Christmasy.

Reviewed by sunwarrior13 6 / 10

A Career Driven Woman Falls In Love Once Again

Danica McKellar stars in another Christmas Hallmark romantic comedy TV movie entitled," My Christmas Dream". She co-stars with Deidre Hall and David Haydn-Jones.

Christina is a manager at McDougal's flagship department store. She has her sights on obtaining a job at Paris, France particularly on the department store that would be opened there. She studies in France to prove her manager that she is capable of doing the job. As the story progress, she meets Kurt, a single father who was recently just fired from a job due to a mishap. As expected, romance is going to blossom along the way as Christmas time approaches.

Well, we all know what these recycled plots. What makes it watchable is the presence and the charm provided by Danica McKellar. She makes her character of a career-driven woman falling for a guy while working together makes many of her fans delight in her Hallmark TV movies.

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