My Father's Glory

1990 [FRENCH]

Adventure / Biography / Drama

IMDb Rating 7.6 10 6088

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fertilecelluloid 9 / 10

Exquisite pastoral odyssey

This beautiful, charming work (and its companion MY MOTHER'S CASTLE) is lifted from the memoirs of filmmaker/screenwriter Marcel Pagnol.

It is a loving, romanticized recreation of Pagnol's childhood trips to the south of France.

Director Yves Robert ices every scene with sweet affection and a seemingly effortless attention to detail.

There are so many moving, heart-tugging scenes.

Describing them all would spoil the confection.

I'll mention one. Young Marcel accompanies his father, Joseph, a school teacher, to school one day. Not believing that Marcel can read already, Joseph writes a simple declaration of his love for Marcel on the blackboard. Marcel then surprises his father by reading out loud what his father wrote. It is such a touching, affecting scene.

MY FATHER'S GLORY is bursting to the seams with such magic.

Vladimir Cosma's score perfectly captures the period and tone of Pagnol's memories.

Simply exquisite.

Reviewed by raymond-15 8 / 10

An exquisitely beautiful story of a French schoolteacher's family life.

This is a very detailed description of the life of a French family. It is a sweet story gently told. It is about growing up, expanding horizons, the influence of friends and family members, enjoying happy times together, and reacting to life's inevitable problems. In this film we recognise moments in our own lives. The film has a universal theme.

In a documentary style the older son Marcel relates how his father Joseph a schoolteacher takes up positions in various parts of France and how before school-going age he sits at the back of the class and quickly learns how to read the text on the blackboard. Family life seems to revolve around teaching and the classroom until Aunt Rose meets Jules on a park seat and eventually marries him. After Jules joins the family circle father learns that there are more things in life than the educational system.

When the family rents a villa in a wild part of Provence, Jules instructs father on the use of the gun and they go on hunting sprees together. On one of these expeditions the son gets lost and meets up with a local boy about his own age. From him he learns about local birds, the eagles, the owls and scary stories about how these wild birds go for the eyes of their prey. This escape into the wild is a charming part of the family's life story and the final parting between the two boys when the family finally leaves is indeed moving.

The story is sprinkled with amusing incidents. For most boys the birth of a child is nothing short of a miracle. They conjecture that the navel is a kind of button which can be unbuttoned to let the baby out. And when father learns to shoot, Jules attaches a target to the outside toilet door. Father is delighted when he gets a bull's eye and Jules does well too. Not so the maid who happens to be inside the toilet at the time. Fortunately she emerges shaken but unharmed.

The film covers so much of French life. It is amazing how much is packed in. The story unfolds at an easy pace with beautiful music that never intrudes and scenery that astounds. I can recommend this little masterpiece about how wonderful family life can be.

Reviewed by eustfam 10 / 10

A must-see! One of the best I've ever watched!

The story is simple--it is about a young boy who spent his summers in the hills of Provence--yet it manages to tug the viewer at the heart. It is such a far cry from the families we see today who have no time to relate to each other. The boy's love for his father (and mother)clearly shines in this film.

The father is a school teacher, an atheist, and a republican. But he is a loving husband and a great father to his children. The mother is shy and affectionate and is sensitive the needs of her husband and children. So what makes this film such an enchanting experience? Since I am not a writer, I cannot really put into words the way I felt after watching this film. I know it left a smile in my also made me nostalgic for it reminded me of my own childhood. I wanted it to go on long after the movie ended. Watch it and you will know what I mean. It will take you back to the magical moments of growing up.

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