My Favorite Girlfriend



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Michael Nouri as Paul Forrester
Bonnie Piesse as Molly
Misty Rosas as Regina
Alec Mapa as Hal
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by EPMD57 2 / 10


They were obviously going more for silly than realistic, but I found that approach in poor taste. One of the characters has a mental health condition, which is essentially the premise of the movie. It comes across to me as more sad than funny. When the character switches in and out of different personalities, it's jarring and feels like slapstick.

So yeah, if you want to watch a movie use a disturbing mental health problem for a few cringeworthy laughs then this is the movie for you.

Reviewed by cannonrosenau 10 / 10

Light hearted yet deep, fully entertaining

I am a fan of this director (and writer of this film) as she always manages to pull at the heartstrings in a fun and entertaining way. My Favorite Girlfriend did just this. Female lead pulled off this role phenomenally (at first, the persona she was playing made it seem like she was over-acting, but hang in there, it works for the story).

Great movie! Definitely worth the price of admission so to speak!

Reviewed by micost-26502 9 / 10

Great Movie!

My Favorite Girlfriend is a well-written and directed flick that twisted and turned down funny avenues, drawing me more and more deeply into the very complicated relationship between Tyler Johnson and his newest girlfriend, or "girlfriends," Bonnie Piesse. Piesse shone as a woman whose complexities grew in each scene, leaving Johnson scratching his head and wondering what might come next. Their interactions with My Favorite Girlfriend's other kooky characters gave the flick a a solid background and helped move it along. As it proceeded, the film made me chuckle, laugh, belly laugh, then wish for a sequel.

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