My Favorite Shapes by Julio Torres



IMDb Rating 6.6 10 516

stand-up comedy

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Emma Stone as Shoe
Ryan Gosling as Blue Penguin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by glynne41 9 / 10

Outside the box and happy to be there!

I loved this show! Subtle, dry humor. Eccentric and sometimes very touching. Has the qualities of imagination sorely lacking in much of today's in-your-face humor. I felt as if I were being invited into a new and magical world, and I hated to see it end. Obviously, from other reviews here, this is not everyone's cup of tea. But I loved it! If you enjoy thinking of things in a whole new way, welcome aboard!

Reviewed by dlarsen74 1 / 10

I tried really hard to give this a chance

This is not "subtle humor." It's just not funny. It's the unfunny equivalent of a toddler talking about each toy in his collection. But much less amusing.

Reviewed by mattbakerrr 1 / 10

Possible WORST Comedy Special of All Time

I sat through this special- I don't usually leave reviews on this site but I'm trying to save you from watching this disaster. I grew more resentful as time went on. It's not funny. I don't think I laughed at a single "joke". Everything seemed forced yet the audience was in a constant state of laughter. I don't get it. Save yourself and avoid this train wreck.

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