My Friend Irma


Comedy / Musical / Romance

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Dean Martin as Steve
Jerry Lewis as Seymour
Hans Conried as Prof. Kropotkin
Ian Wolfe as Minister
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tavm 7 / 10

Martin & Lewis is the reason My Friend Irma is still in circulation today

Just rewatched this film which marked the debut of the comedy team of Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis on YouTube. They're shoehorned almost awkwardly into it since this movie was based on a popular radio sitcom about a young woman named Jane Stacy (Diana Lynn) who's trying to snag a rich guy named Rhinelander (Don DeFore) by working as his secretary and having to deal with her scatterbrained roommate Irma Peterson (Marie Wilson) and her con artist boyfriend Al (John Lund). Martin & Lewis are a couple of orange juice stand employees named Steve and Seymour who's discovered by Irma and Al as Steve sings a little something there. Despite many contrivances, the way Jane and Irma seem to fit certain stereotypes of women at the time, and the fact that Irma cries constantly whenever she realizes when it's her fault, this was quite funny especially whenever Lewis is on screen. And Martin shows just how appealing a crooner he was though I'm sure even then some thought he was just a Bing Crosby imitator. The cast as a whole manages to make the somewhat slight material go down easy. In fact, one of my favorite lines comes from a bit player named Hans Conried who says of Irma and Jane, "One with her head in the air and the other with air in her head." So on that note, My Friend Irma is worth a look for comedy fans especially that of Dean & Jerry.

Reviewed by MartinHafer 6 / 10

See it for the debut of Martin & Lewis...whether or not you'll like Irma is debatable.

Irma (Marie Wilson) is a ditsy woman whose antics made Gracie Allen seem like an Einstein. Marie Wilson's dumb routine is one you'll either find funny or terribly annoying--I know it got on my nerves a bit after a while. However, even if you find this a bit tiresome, it's worth seeing just since it's the screen debut of the comedy team of Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis.

The film opens with Jane (the ever-cute Diana Lynn) narrating and describing her annoying roommate, Irma. Now considering just how annoying Irma is, you do wonder why Jane has anything to do with her--especially since her long-term fiancé, Al, is a greasy user (John Lund).

Al has just discovered a musical talent (Dean Martin) working with his friend (Jerry Lewis) at a local orange juice bar and although he knows NOTHING about the entertainment industry, lies and tells Martin he can make him a star! And, Al just assumes he can take advantage of Jane and get her to help put up Steve and Seymour (Martin & Lewis) in the tiny apartment. Naturally, you assume that after an inauspicious introduction that Jane and Steve will become sweethearts. However, Jane's new boss, Mr. Rhinelander (Don Defore), has ideas about her as well.

Al is able to actually help Steve by getting him a variety of engagements at restaurants and nightclubs--which is a bit surprising. With his beautiful voice, his success isn't all that surprising but what is surprising (in the film and in real life) is that people liked seeing and hearing his partner sing as well! So, a few times Steve's great songs are interrupted or 'enhanced' by Seymour's antics. Considering I usually hate musical numbers in comedies, the fact that I just wanted to hear Dean Martin's singing is a testament to his skills--as well as Lewis'! Some liked Jerry's singing...though to me it was just painful...very, very painful--though in real life Lewis did have a nice singing voice when not hamming it up.

As for the acting, I liked John Lund--he was pretty funny though not exactly subtle. Martin and Lynn were also good. As for Wilson and Lewis...well, they are more an acquired taste. I've seen Jerry Lewis better--and more subtle. As for Wilson...she's pretty much the ditz I saw her as in other films. The less said the better. The film, despite its limitations, is enjoyable and worth seeing if you are an old time comedy fan--though it's far from Martin & Lewis' best. Not great but it sure has its moments.

By the way, this film has a sequel, "My Friend Irma Goes West", and it's not surprising, as "My Friend Irma" ends BEFORE the plot is fully resolved--showing they must have known they'd do a sequel before they even finished the first film!

Reviewed by hitchcockthelegend 6 / 10

.....and introducing Martin & Lewis.

Solid if unspectacular movie that is of interest mainly for being the debut of Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis. As a beginning piece for the duos body of work it does set something of a standard, a kind of benchmark niche as it were, Martin sings and gets to woo the sexy lady whilst Jerry clowns around and gets the laughs, not that there are too many laughs to be had here because there isn't that many if one is honest. Yet the film still has a 40s charm with it's array of interesting characters that never stretch to annoying limits, performances are steady from all involved, and as a romantic comedy it is well worth a watch, and not least because it has a very interesting segment about who should be the bigger name of the two out of Masrtin & that one makes for quite a story some way down the line wink wink. 5/10 and worth a watch on its own merit for fans of cheeky charm 40s rom-coms, and of course for Martin/Lewis completists like me.

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