My Geisha


Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 64%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 64%
IMDb Rating 6.6 10 1297

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Shirley MacLaine as Lucy Dell / Yoko Mori
Robert Cummings as Bob Moore
Edward G. Robinson as Sam Lewis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by marcosaguado 7 / 10

For the young, for the old and for me

Shirley MacLaine is such fun to watch. She dives into her character body and soul. She leads you on and you follow her. It would be foolish not to. We don't question anything because we're in love with her. This movie is a real rarity.I suspect that Steve Parker, Shirley's husband then and producer of "My Geisha" actually directed this. He chose Jack Cardiff as the director, the great Cardiff one of the top cinematographers of all time -- See "Black Narcisus" for instance -- But, as we all know, a cinematographer is used to work with directors, cinematographers must be artists with a very different kind of ego. What a spectacular way for Steve Parker to direct his movie by proxy. Better plan, impossible. The film is a comedy slash morality tale with a stunning Cardiff like look and a delicious performance by MacLaine. Yves Montand plays her husband. His English is tentative at best but he is unquestionably charming in a clumsy written part. Edward G Robinson is another plus. His character's delight is utterly contagious. Many of my contemporaries are to jaded to enjoy this film, but I've tried it on kids and it works, let me tell you, they love it. Not to mention my parents. So there you are, I guarantee you'll love "My Geisha" if you're young, if you're old or if you're me.

Reviewed by dlgart 10 / 10

Shirley shines.

What on the surface appears to be an improbable plot line becomes increasingly plausible due to the combination of great make up work, spectacular costuming, (Edith Head) and a truly amazing performance by Shirley Maclaine. Crisp, sharp focus, color cinematography, interesting locations and set design, combine with a genuine fondness for Japanese culture resulting in an admirable early 60's comedy/drama.

Reviewed by jhborg 7 / 10

top of my "guilty pleasures" list

This film is at the top of my "guilty pleasures" list of films; not a great film but one for which I have great affection. I first saw it in the mid 60's when I was a teenager at a Saturday afternoon matinée. Then, I had no idea what the title meant. The word geisha was totally new to me. At that age I would go to a Saturday matinée and watch whatever was offered, and as I watched this film I found myself falling in love with Shirley MacLaine, the music of Puccini's "Madama Butterfly" and Japan. I credit it with starting my abiding interest in and fascination with the culture of Japan and for my making several visits to that country as an adult. I watch it once a year between Christmas and New Year on my now worn VHS tape version. I have been looking forward, in vain, to it's release on DVD which for some reason has yet to happen and to seeing it once again in all its wide screen charm. p.s. Finally, Paramount has condescended to release this film in DVD format and it looks and sounds great.

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