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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by maurice_yacowar 9 / 10

52-year-old woman moves away from her family

Apart from the filth she has to clean up, Manana's new apartment is characterized by its two balconies. Several shots observe the strong winds blowing outside the open doors. Some don't show anyone, just the open space and the gusts. It's a climb to get there but she finds her freedom and fresh air.

For that she has fled her marriage and her parents' cramped apartment. There she lived with her two elderly parents, her husband Soso, layabout computer nerd son Lasho, daughter Nino and her unfaithful husband Vakho. Manana's mother still rules that roost. The flat is so cramped two generations keep their clothes in a wardrobe in Lasho's room, into which he now moves his pregnant new wife.

Then there's the music. Several scenes overflow with the beautiful harmonies, emotions and community of the family and friends singing. I guess that's Georgia: a warm people always ready to burst into polished song. The men sing, the women work.

These scenes warm us with the characters' intense bonds — whether family or just friends — but to Manana that warmth is smothering. Like the intensity of her family's dynamic, it only increases her need to escape, to live on her own, to be free, to enjoy her preferred ritual of the same classical music. And here she works for herself.

Most of the film follows the mature teacher's resolve to live her own life apart from her family and their demands upon her. The patriarchal culture — as expressed by her husband, her older brother, her son-in-law — can't bend its mind to understand, leave alone to accept that. Her brother's friends threaten Soso when they think he's a stranger courting her.

Manana's escape takes new significance when she learns Soso had a long affair with another woman, who bore him a son. Soso loved her passionately but couldn't bring himself to leave Manana for her.

After learning of this betrayal, at her class reunion, the reluctant Manana is coaxed into singing. She chooses a ballad ruing a false love, so even here she's expressing herself not submitting to the male coaxer. As in the solo she sings in her new home, she sings through her grief, in a community but not bound within it. Her tremulous, poignant, personal solos contrast to the men's chorales.

The last shot is of Soso approaching her at her open window. He has inferred she knows of his compromised past. "Who are you?" she has asked. The film stops short of revealing their conversation, their future relationship. It's enough that she is at her open window and he now has to come to her. Now he moves without the swagger or self-dramatizing with which he earlier responded to her escape.

Despite the tensions in this drama of dysfunction, this actually is a happy family. The title seems ironic, but, ironically, it's true. Everyone cares and is concerned for each other — to the point of intrusion. They also come to accept each other's differences, as we see when the family embraces Lasho's bride, Kitsi,. She spurned the name her family gave her but now accepts her new family and function.

Reviewed by baani-39442 9 / 10

Beautiful movie. Must watch!

What a delightful movie. Beautifully shot, well paced, great character development. Right from the opening shot with Manana stepping into the frame to the last scene where Manana looks at Soso and the credits start rolling, you don't lose focus for a second. In less than 2 hours, we get a glimpse of Manana's thought process, the journeys of her two kids and their respective relationships, her dynamic w/ her brother and husband. Her journey from looking at the house to finally moving in, the cleaning process and then how she spends her time reading, cooking, playing the guitar, checking her notebook etc. Her physical transformation from dark circles and exhaustion to people commenting how beautiful she looks, the symbolism for instance her avoiding wine on her birthday to her drinking wine at home, the rustling of the trees, the comfort Manana has when anyone wants to visit her home, the scene at her reunion party when she breakdown followed by her song, every scene is absolutely stunning. Ia Shugliashvili is mindblowing as Manana. For some reason, she resembles Neena Gupta a lot so if they make an Indian remake of this, Neena will be the obvious choice.

Top 5 scenes for me: 1. Manana checking her students' notebooks at home and the smile spreading across her face 2. When Manana's student tells her how one should say no and then not look back instead of hesitating, and once you say no, simply to walk out 3. When Manana's relatives call her home at Sunday to convince her but she says "I will not give an explanation to anyone" and her two kids stand up for her 4. The contrast between her earlier vegetable shopping experience vs when she has shifted to the new home, and her avoiding wine earlier vs later when she turns the volume up and drinks wine 5. The last scene where she asks her husband who he is and then the expressions between them, followed by the credits - so beautiful and such a perfect end

Manana is a kind human, a doting mother, a loyal wife, a caring sister and daughter but most of all a strong, brave woman with high integrity and absolutely tenacious. She is inspiring and stands for what she believes in and doesn't need anyone to save her. She is a "pure heroine" :)

In a nutshell, absolute must watch :)

Reviewed by alfredosoni 9 / 10

Simply a great view!

I came across this film by accident while searching for something new to view on Netflix. It was such a simple story about the dynamics of a family, centered around a middle-aged woman, that it pulled me in from the start. I felt like I could have been watching a documentary. The acting was spot on and the one shot camera sequences were captivating. Simply a great view!

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