My Love, My Bride

2014 [KOREAN]

Comedy / Romance

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Plot summary

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Top cast

Min-a Shin as Mi-yeong
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by miss_jb 9 / 10

A simple story with a lot of meaningful

Picturening a newlywed in a different angle, and with such a realistic picture with a light-heart aura mix it with heartfelt scene.

At first one would suggest it will be a fabricated romantic comedy ala Korean drama with a lot of fluffy scene. Fortunately It's not. I'm surprise that how much I enjoy this gem. The real interest about it is how the drama picturing a great deal on a different aspect how hard it's to adapting a new life, new environment, as a newlywed even with someone you had know for years.

The main star is definitely Jo Jung Seok, with awesome comedic timing and portraying such an irritating husband in endearing way.

It's an common love story we can find every day in our live, I don't know why this kind of story rarely have a high rating? A lot of blogbuster movie who don't have a proper plot got higher rating. Just because it's everday life story, doesn't mean It can't be rated highly.

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 2 / 10

Intolerably slow...

For a romantic comedy then "My Love, My Bride" (aka "Na-eui sa-lang na-eui sin-boo") was like a cup of tea brewed on leaves with no more flavor. This movie was incredibly slow paced and nothing the least bit interesting ever happened, causing interest to dwindle away at an alarming pace.

The story is about a married couple stuck in a marital runt, where the husband takes his wife for granted and is seeking excitement elsewhere. Whereas the wife just wants some attention.

I am sure that the idea itself was good, but director Chan-sang Lim just failed miserably at making an interesting movie. Not only was the lack of speed, process and things happening an anchor dragging down the movie, but so was the completely and totally monotone characters. And the fact that all actors and actresses seemed like they would rather be elsewhere and doing something else entirely didn't really promote the movie either.

Runinng at almost two hours, one might consider this movie a mild form of torture, because it surely wasn't entertainment. I managed to suffer through about 45 minutes before tossing the towel in the ring and giving up.

I am giving "My Love, My Bride" two stars merely for the production value, everything else was just a ship sinking fast and with no means of a rescue.

Reviewed by poikkeus 6 / 10

Modestly enjoyable love story

Yeoung-Min (Jung-suk Jo) isn't thirty yet, but is already having doubts about his relationship with his opinionated wife, Mi-yeong (Min-a Shin). MY LOVE, MY BRIDE captures a series of episodes in their lives when temptation, compromise, and selfishness seem to be eroding their young relationship.

The "plot" hinges on everyday small dramas that threaten to become uncontrollable - until love and common sense put their lives in proper perspective. Yeong-Min works in public welfare, but hopes to be a writer; Mi-yeong feels he's being taken for granted.

Min-a Shin is especially appealing as the young, under-appreciated wife who's only known one love, but you wish the film could have had more payoff during the individual episodes. The Yeoung-Min segments in particular would have been more appealing if the characters had more detailed characterizations.

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