My Name Is Salt



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woman director

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bshanley-61461 9 / 10

Bet You Can't Eat Just One.

No narration, not much dialogue, very little drama at all, absolutely minimalist music. Yet, strangely, you will not be able to look away. I even paused it to go to the fridge, just so I wouldn't miss anything. Brilliant. Especially recommended for self-hating Americans.

Reviewed by samabc-31952 10 / 10

Extraordinary experience, one of the best documentaries I have watched

"Mandir taru vishwa Rrupalu, sundar Sarjanhara Re" "This Beautiful world is your temple You are the magnificent creator of it all Every moment you are visible to those who can perceive you" Rann of Kutch (Desert in Gujarat, the western state of India), Salt harvesting, some 40,000 families, 8 months of their perseverance to make the whitest salt and they do .. and then monsoon washes away the salt fields every year but they still come back and again takes up this Sisyphean task of making the whitest salt on the earth . Strenuous work done by the families over a span of 8 months in a desert basin, digging the ground and walking bare feet on mud...this documentary follows one such family.. Vast parched wasteland bordered by the mirages.. a tyre, a donkey and a broken cycle bring the singularity of the solo subjects to the frame and elevates its austerity .. exquisite cinematography with amazing long shots .. the sounds of pump and slapping on chappatis create a sui generis melody, a rhythmic penguin walk on salt looks like a tribhanga performed by an Odissi dancer..this vèritè documentary is an extraordinary experience.. one of the best documentaries I have seen.. a MUST MUST watch.

Reviewed by pontoosac-946-758903 10 / 10

Heavenly, the movie and the presentation.

Words cannot do this justice. Seduced and totally mesmerized, I find myself imagining a role of the dice and a life there, with them. And I realize I would be fine. Just let yourself go, be there, and consider yourself lucky such a film was made with such grace. I watched this after having watched The Forgiven, with Forest Whitaker, another good choice. The two are polar opposites of where humans can wander.

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