My Own Man


Comedy / Documentary / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 65%
IMDb Rating 6.4 10 432

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by the_oak 10 / 10

Very brave documentary

I gave this 10 because for those who need this kind of healing it means so much. To all those brave enough to take part I applaud.

Reviewed by uzibah 9 / 10

Very interesting

I thought that this documentary was very well done. I especially liked near the beginning when the doctor tells the man (main actor) what his testosterone levels were. I think this all helps to shed a little bit more light on what it means to be masculine in regards to biology, neurology, nature and nurture. Would love to see how they are all doing today. Definitely a must see for everyone. I think all of us know "this" kind of man. He is not a man's man but he is a man in his own right. People are not cookie cut versions of each other and expecting them to be is a real shame and a real disservice to personal identity. Not all men are rough and gruff etc and that is fine. Was nice to see how well he was received by his peers and family regardless of his "manliness".

Reviewed by technicianwars 9 / 10

The inner child

I believe we all have an inner child inside. It is shaped by childhood wounds, and what helps us continue to grow in life. This story is beautiful. The vulnerability David expresses brings him healing. I gave this a 9 for the courage it took to show his struggle and share it with the world. I also wonder about Edward Norton's paternal experiences. It left me crying, too. Thanks, Ed Norton!!!

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