My Paparotti

2013 [KOREAN]

Biography / Drama / Music

IMDb Rating 7.1 10 414

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ashishisin 8 / 10

Simply Flawless

Name of the movie is MY PAPAROTTI. Its the mispronunciation of famous tenor Luciano Pavarotti. Movie is simply beautiful and inspiring. A Simple, Effective and Engaging film. "My Paparotti" is clearly a very standard and straight forward , never deviating much from teacher-student relationship. A boy who wants to become Tenor and a Teacher who is dedicated but not interested in teaching students of his class who seems to have no interest at all. I loved this movie because of 2 reasons:

1. Very straight forward approach towards the simple and real storyline. 2. Moments of comedy, action and poignancy.

A Must see film...Just don't miss it.

Reviewed by fluffset 8 / 10

mixed of all korean favourite theme!!!

Of course this is based on a true story but I don't think the true story gonna be like this, if you ever watch a lot of korean movie, you will notice their favourite theme, such as gangster, cute love story, harsh out of place behaviour, slapstick comedy that is only can be found in South Korea Cinema. I love this movie, they did their job really well in realizing this. How they alter the story to be completely suit with all that theme. They don't really need a lot of CGI to make their movie, they just have a lot of story to tell us.Maybe their country not produce a lot of movie every year, but its show that quality is better than quantity. Just watchout for every korean movie. They are far better than states!

Reviewed by yankeedoo 9 / 10

Ignore the bad reviews

Fed up people saying they korean movies when they watch one or two a yr. I watch around 10 awk some over and over. This was superb song too Not sure if he really sang but wow

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