My Rembrandt

2019 [DUTCH]


IMDb Rating 7.2 10 164

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by michiel-41 8 / 10

Amazing thriller-docu that watches like a high-budget feature film!

Great editing and sound especially grabbedy attention. But also the detail that has been put into the scenario and storylines. Emotional and exciting in a way you might not expect from an art movie!

Reviewed by richard-1787 9 / 10

Fascinating but mistitled

This is a fascinating movie about several individuals who have the great luck - and fortune - to be able to live with at least one Rembrandt in their own home. The title should very definitely have been "LIving with a Rembrandt." Some of the lucky owners are more interesting than others, but I enjoyed all the interwoven stories and strongly recommend this movie to anyone with an interest in Rembrandt's work.

I do have a few minor criticisms/suggestions, though.

First, and most importantly, the subtitles are very often unreadable, white against a very light background. Some of the movie is in English, but some is in Dutch, which I don't understand. It would have been - and still would be - so easy to put darker cartouches around/behind the subtitles. I hope the producers will do it. While they're at it, they might correct the occasional typo, which is usually html code,. In short, the subtitles were evidently done very quickly and are really slipshod. Didn't the producers of this movie ever take a look at them?

Second, there are a few facts that would help the viewer. How many acknowledged Rembrandts are there in the world? (Something over 200, as I recall.) How did these families acquire their Rembrandts?

Third, what became of the two Rothchild Rembrandts - and the rest of their art collection - during the German occupation of Paris?

This is really a very enjoyable movie. I would have enjoyed it even more, I'm sure, if I could have read all the subtitles when Dutch was being spoken.

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