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Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 2 / 10

Typical Nikkatsu erotic drama

MY SEX REPORT: INTENSITIES is what I imagine to be a very typical entry in the Nikkatsu studio's series of 'Roman pornos', i.e. Japanese erotic dramas that filled eastern cinemas in the 1970s. The alternative title, NURSE'S SEX JOURNAL, gives the viewer a better idea of what to expect.

Basically this is wall to wall sex, with a little characterisation and human drama, just enough to get by. The main character is a voyeuristic nurse who through various machinations of the male viewers in the story ends up working as a prostate. The film then chronicles various sexual exploits with lots of moaning, thrusting, and close-up shots of limbs entwined.

Personally I'm no fan of such erotic films so this one left me cold. Some of the camera-work is all right and the establishing shots are quite nice, but the sex feels very grubby and about as far from erotic as is possible. Plus, there are a couple of near-the-knuckle perverse moments that I didn't particularly like seeing. If you're a fan of this kind of material, you'll doubtlessly enjoy it much, much more.

Reviewed by RaulFerreiraZem 5 / 10

Watashi no sex-hakusho

Pretty nothing film. Some of the photography is quite beautiful and the performances are not half bad but other than that it has very little to offer. I had a really hard time following the plot as it seems as if the film was missing 30 or so minutes. For example it never mentions what is wrong with the man who dies halfway through the run time or what was his relation to the yakuza. And the same goes to all of the characters, you never know who they are or why do they do what they do and after sometime the movie gets really tiring because of that.

One thing i have to say however. The one scene where we can see the two times it was shot simutaniously is remarkable and to me the one thing that makes watashi no sex hakusho worth a watch.

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