The Hearts of the Down Under and the My Son


Crime / Drama / Mystery

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Jamie Michie as Hunter
Claire Foy as Joan Richmond
James McAvoy as Edmond Murray
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by yahiaaqil 4 / 10

Totally Misleading and Poor!

I don't know what is going on with writers and directors nowadays. Do they write a plot and then forget about it while shooting? So the father works in the petrol field in some "dangerous" countries in the Middle East, even if he isn't in the military, but still dangerous for people like him, well according to the movies of course! After buying that nonsense, the movie raises the question: why your son? And they relate the answer to the dad's dangerous job wooow spooky!

Now my question is, why his son?! I have watched the whole movie unfortunately and I still don't know why his son? Or why anyone's son to be honest. So a big powerful guy from London calls the police to drop the case of the boy, movie ends without knowing who was that guy? Who are the kidnappers? Why? Or how is this even related to the dad?

Totally a horrible movie!

Reviewed by rsridhar2005 8 / 10

Great Movie

Just saw this movie. Really a very good movie with the stellar performance by James McAvoy.

For his impeccable performance alone, you can enjoy this movie.

Kudos to the director Christian Carion. A job welldone !!

Reviewed by nonsensefans 8 / 10

James McAvoy so underrated

I've seen the original film, the French version which at first seems slow but get pretty good towards the end. . This one pretty much as same.. James McAvoy is such a great actor, I love to watch everything he does.. beautiful scenary & great cast performances..

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