My Summer with Amanda

2008 [SPANISH]


IMDb Rating 5.6 10 120

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Aerialzap 10 / 10

Very fun flick!

This movie at first sight could look like "another teen movie" but as the movie starts unveiling you can see is not. It is has the usual plot where the shy guy wants the unreachable girl but the ending goes to a different conclusion. It is a very fun movie to watch. The main actor seems to me a pretty talented guy who has potential to do more comedies like this. It is a low budget feature but very well don technically. Very well directed and cut. It is not the usual type of movie we use to see from Puerto Rico that generally produces a lot of sad dramas and soap operas. It has certain moments when the scenes don't get anywhere but I found the ending so original that I have to say it makes you forget any flaws it may have. I recommend this movie if you want to see a fun and crazy flick to entertain yourself. Highly recommended...

Reviewed by estudiob 9 / 10

Funny as hell!

This outrageous comedy shows that a good movie can be done with very limited resources and tons of talent. The plot is nothing new but the outcome of the movie is truly original (Don't worry I won't say how it ends). This movie won 3 awards on the Rincon International Film Festival including the Audience Award. Fast paced, well narrated, visually rich and most importantly is funny as hell. I did not stop laughing a minute. The music suits it very good also. The cast was very well picked as they are balanced and very talented guys. If you like hard core comedy with guts this is a movie you should see. The settings are also beautiful, beaches, rivers etc. Mi verano con Amanda, a puertorican flick you should not miss.

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