My Super Ex-Girlfriend


Action / Comedy / Romance / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 40%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 31%
IMDb Rating 5.1 10 60676


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Anna Faris as Hannah Lewis
Uma Thurman as Jenny Johnson / G-Girl
Rainn Wilson as Vaughn Haige
Luke Wilson as Matt Saunders
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sherahumsoc 5 / 10

A romantic comedy about a jealous ex girl friend, who is also a superhero

This is an extremely light romantic comedy starring Uma Thurman, Luke Wilson and Anna Faris. I watched this almost right after watching Kill Bill, so it was a refreshing change of character for me. The movie is about G girl, a super hero who begins to obsess over her new boyfriend. The movie is from Matthew (i.e. the boyfriend)'s perspective. Although their date begins relatively smoothly (if you can call leaving in the middle of dinner to save town smooth), Jenny turns out to be slightly psychotic. She is extremely demanding and jealous, and does not give Matthew his space. Matthew ends up breaking up with her and is avenged for doing so; super girlfriend means that she is double the trouble. The plot is basically Jenny sabotaging Matthew (and his new girlfriend), and eventually the other way around, as Matthew holds hands with G girl's arch enemy to put it all to a stop. The movie is a romantic comedy, and it is just that. The story line is fairly straightforward and free from convoluted twists or thrills. It's a movie that I would call just 'all out there', and is a mediocre recommendation if you want to watch something without any strain at all. I didn't find it particularly funny or romantic, though, and the only humor point was Uma Thurman's almost neurotic, jealous rampages. The characters lacked development, and overall, the whole movie felt like an episode from any Disney channel cartoon show. The movie lacked substance, and sophistication. All in all, something you might put on television as a background soundboard while you're cooking… but it's not a movie you would spend time focusing on.

Reviewed by Elewis1195 7 / 10

Total Goof, but I enjoyed it.

It really is a bad movie, but it's a fun bad movie. It reminds me a bit of caveman with Ringo Starr, though I don't know if this movie will ever get the cult following that caveman got. Some funny bits, but not laugh out loud, really more just "did they really just go there".

Uma tries to play the role of jilted lover but she doesn't really pull it off. She comes across as more psychopath than sympathetic and maybe that's fine. Maybe this film wasn't right for anything touching but I really felt the hurt girlfriend was a missed opportunity in this one.

Owen Wilson is fine as the abused boyfriend. He does pull it off and you feel a little sorry for him. Not that abuse should ever be the subject of comedy, but maybe we can forgive this one for it's ridiculous premise.

Rainn Wilson is great as the sleazy best friend, but Rainn is always great. I wish every Will Farrel Movie ever made would have stared Rainn Wilson in his place, but . . . enough of that.

The chemistry between Anna Doe-Eyed Faris and Owen is hard to buy, so there's really not much going for this film but it's ridiculousness. That said, where it fails at making any connection with the audience at all, except for Owen being genuinely sympathetic. It scores points in silly, stuff you've never seen before (and who hasn't wanted to have sex with a partner who can fly?) and bits with the car and the shark and Rainn trying to hit on a pretty bartender.

Mega-mind had 5 times the heart this movie has and the romance was 20 times more believable, but I still enjoyed this one for it's visuals, it's preposterous 'ness and for Owens and Rainn's solid acting jobs.

Besides, superman films have never addressed the question, what is it really like to make love to a superhero who can bench-press a tractor trailer.

Reviewed by Sancy Jeg 9 / 10

Funny superhero movie.

In this movie a office manager, Matt finds a beautiful woman, Jenny while traveling in a metro. He asks her out on a date and he notices that she is going to restroom many times. After two or three days, he finds out that his girlfriend, Jenny was a superhero called 'G-Girl'. This is a very funny movie. I think everyone should go for this movie. Don't miss it.

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