My Week with Marilyn


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Emma Watson as Lucy
Eddie Redmayne as Colin Clark
Kenneth Branagh as Sir Laurence Olivier
Dougray Scott as Arthur Miller
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Liam Moscrop 7 / 10

Intricate Simplicity

This was a beautiful film looking at the intricate struggles of Marilyn Monrose on her journey of fame, told in a very simplistic way through emotion and connection. The perspective is beautiful, a very well shot film. I personally feel like the film lacks a type of emotional connection with the viewer that I felt like it was trying to go for but did not successfully achieve.

Reviewed by Wael Katkhuda 8 / 10

Best Marilyn Monroe Film Till This Date

Without any question (My Week With Marilyn) was one of the best films of 2011 and it shows up by bringing two Oscar nominations: -

Best Actress In A Leading Role ( Michelle Williams) And Best Actor In A Supporting Role (Kenneth Branagh)

If anyone looked Carefully at any films that were made before about (Marilyn Monroe) you will notice immediately that it were a bout here whole life (from her birth to death), and because there were a lot of events in Marilyn's life (even though she only lived for 36 years) you can not just put them all in 2 hours and show it to the audience, and that's for me one of the reasons of the success of this film which is focusing only one one event which is: (Shooting The Prince and the Showgirl). Another reason that made this film wonderful is the brilliant acting skills of Michelle Williams she really make you believe that you are watching the real Marilyn. The first time i saw the trailer i screamed when i saw her portraying Miss. Monroe, but shortly after i watched the film i was astonished by her performance, her emotions, her voice tone where all exactly the same as Marilyn even though she didn't look like her in some scenes but with her performance she made you believe that you are back on 50s in the same room with Marilyn Monroe. As for the rest of the cast they were all good at their job, but i was upset that Eddie Redmayne didn't got any nomination for his role even he was the soul of the whole film!

As usual there are a mistakes in this film:

  • The wig that Michelle Williams wore while portraying Elsie , Marilyn in real life didn't wear a wig for the most of the film she as the matter of fact changed the color of her hair (only on the bed scene she wore a hair-extension )

-The pregnancy and miscarriage scene. (I've watched a lot of videos about MM and read too many books and none of them mention that she was pregnant while shooting this film!.

-Marilyn was taller that Vivien Leigh but in this film it was the opposite.

-Laurence Olivier was thinner than Kenneth Branagh.

Final Word:

Whether you were a Marilyn Monroe fan or not, i highly recommend this film for you because you really will like everything in it including MM, and will made you knowing her much more better than before

Final Rate

8 out of 10

Reviewed by petervintner 10 / 10

Michelle Williams broke my heart.

Lots of reviewers scoffing at the veracity of the premise of the story. Some claiming incredulity that anyone could believe the story. I don't really understand that criticism. For me the veracity of the story is secondary, or tertiary even, to its believability on screen. Having said that I don't really know what kind of lives the critics of the story have had - black and white, with simple 2-dimensional characters I should imagine. In real life (my life at least) people do unexpected things. Troubled people are even more likely to do the unexpected. So I found it quite believable.

Anyway, I finally got around to watching this film on DVD recently, long after critics and fans had moved on to newer pickings. I watched it 3 times in a week, and will certainly watch it again in the near future. I think it was well cast and well acted, and planted firmly and believably in the late 1950s. Suffice to say Michelle Williams is heartbreakingly good as Marilyn Monroe.

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