Mysterious Island


Adventure / Fantasy / Horror

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Andrew Sensenig as Nautilus Crew / Creature
Lawrence Turner as Tom Ayrton
J.D. Evermore as Bonaventure Pencroft
William Morgan Sheppard as Captain Nemo
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 1 / 10

Simply terrible

I saw Mysterious Island as I love the story and have a soft spot for the 1961 film. I was dubious as it was SyFy, whose standard of movies generally are nothing to write home about, however even for SyFy Mysterious Island is an abomination. Other commentators have said that it is very loosely based on the book, and they are right. I wasn't expecting much different on that angle, because from their adaptations of Earthsea and Journey to the Center of the Earth I knew that the only resemblance to the original story was going to be either the title or the characters' names. The problem is that Mysterious Island doesn't just fall down as an adaptation, it falls down on its own merits as well. The story here is very dully paced, and due to lack of any real tension or thrills it is very uninteresting as well. The characters are not as interesting either, a lot of them are clichéd and not much is done to develop them. Even Nemo's back-story is rushed and convoluted, almost as if done in reference. The dialogue is often corny with SyFy, but not in a while have I heard dialogue that was so unbearably so that you have a hard time taking anything seriously. The acting is poor, with a stiff uncharismatic Lochlyn Munro, a pretty but vapid Gina Holden and an all too brief Pruitt Taylor Vince. The production values I have no better news I'm afraid. Not much is done to make them authentic with the furs sometimes looking as though they were actually made of straw, also further undermined by the sights of modern technology like air vents when the mansion was built on an island supposedly without electricity. The special effects are laughable, with the octopus belonging more at home in a cheap video game and the shaggy creatures were as scary as someone dressing up for a Halloween party. All in all, terrible. 1/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by sirfixall 1 / 10


I don't care if this was made for TV or not. I think it is a crime to take a great story and butcher it the way this director did. I am a big fan of the 1961 version, and only stumbled upon this movie because they sent the wrong movie, I had ordered the version with Patrick Steward as Nemo, but instead I got this version. The Movie is obviously made for TV, the acting in so bad, I thought I was watching a Mexican soap opera. As the movie started, it seamed to follow the original story line, But after the balloon took to the air, the plot took a 180 degree turn for the worst.Some of the acting was OK, but The girl with the bad leg, looked like she studied Monty Pythons silly walks, to prepare for her part. The creatures were laughable, the almost looked like they used the costumes from Time machine, (the warlocks). It wasn't till Nemo showed his face that I realized this isn't the movie I ordered, and as I could no longer watch, and my girlfriend already left the room, I just stopped it, never finishing. If you like the 1961 version as I do, the don't see this movie, just watch the original.

Reviewed by asnobli 1 / 10

It's an end-product of the human digestion

I had some expectation why I wanted to watch this film. I had no information about it, except a line that this film is based on J. Verne's book. It started like a normal remake but turned to a surreal vision of a hurt brain about something. After ten minutes it was obvious that the original story and author has only a very loose connection to this film. The story does not worth more. The actors are forming unrealistic characters. It seems that they did their job only for the money without any efforts to play characters -if there is any at all. The director seems not to have minimal assumption about the story had to be filmed. In summary: Primitive story, no connection to the original book. The creators have stolen only a couple of names from J. Verne. Category "Z" actors, but is true that their level of play is comparable with the whole film. It is very difficult to understand who was able to give money for this. Waste of time even a minute. One star what I gave is exactly one star more than it worth, but there is no option for zero.

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