Mystery on Monster Island


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Reviewed by ma-cortes 4 / 10

Adventure fictional about two travelers who are shipwrecked on a remote island and freely based on Jules Verne novel

Adventure tale full of colorful scenarios , thrills , humor and pretty fierce monsters . Amusing , lighthearted romp though average , only for kids and teenagers , based upon the Jules Verne novel . It's a mediocre fun with naive special effects , passable set decoration and functional art direction without use of computer generator . It deals with a young European (Ian Sera) residing in San Francisco is reluctant to marry his long-term bride (Ana Obregon) because he wishes to travel around the world first . His wealthy uncle (Peter Cushing) agrees to send him on a global expedition aboard his vessel . He along with a professor (David Hatton) undergo a hazardous voyage but en route the young man and his traveling companion are shipwrecked on a far island loaded with rare creatures and gold . Along the way they face numerous dangers , risks as the duo descend into deep caverns and discover a tunnel system populated by countless prehistoric creatures as well as gold-hunting natives , torrential floods , volcanic eruptions and many other things . It results to be a silly but likable Spanish adaptation based on Jules Verne classic novel .

This below average humdrum adaptation is a special version of the Jules Verne adventure yarn titled ¨L'Ile Mysterieuse" or "The Mysterious Island" it was written in 1874, though the source of this picture is actually "L'École des Robinsons" or "The Robinson School" published in 1882 . There're rip-roaring action , spirit of adventure , derring-do , humor , thrills and results to be briefly entertaining . Two greatest stars of this production , Peter Cushing and Terence Stamp , are really wasted . There appears usual secondary actors seen in co-productions of the 60s and 70s , Spaghetti and Terror genre , as Frank Braña , Luis Barboo , Gerard Tichy and the horror idol , the great Paul Naschy or Jacinto Molina . It's a slight fun with average special effects by Emilio Ruiz Del Rio , passable set decoration , functional art direction and none use of computer generator . The rubber monsters are the real stars of this production , however being middling made , it has numerous "older technique" special effects such as matte paintings, rubber-suited monsters, uses the standard film technique of reverse-footage to create certain effects . The fable is silly and laughable , and the effects and action are regularly made . Among the most spectacular of its visuals there are some deeply shrouded caverns , several monsters roaring menacingly towards the camera and the colorful backgrounds of the lost island . Some monsters are clumsily but the movie has some good moments here and there . Some illogical parts in the argument are more than compensated for the excitement provided by the monsters, though sometimes are a little bit cheesy . Highlights of the voyage includes a roller-coaster trip , a terrifying odyssey in sailing , prehistoric beasts and many others. The motion picture is middling realized by Juan Piquer Simon . Piquer who recently passed away was a good craftsman , he owns his own studio and created and/or designed many of the simple special effects sequences you see in any of his many imaginative undertakings . Juan was expert on all kind of genres as Terror ( Slugs, Piezes , Cthulhu ) and Sci-fi (The rift , The new Extraterrestres, Supersonic man) . While his films have been universally panned by the prestigious reviewers, they have a kind of quality that must be endured to be fully appreciated .

Reviewed by Playitagainsam 6 / 10

Wow... So much assurance from the would-be critics...

Let me begin by saying that I had read Jules Verne's original source novel BEFORE seeing this movie... and the source is NOT "The Mysterious Island", as most of the would-be intellectuals who reviewed the film would make you believe.

While "L'Ile Mysterieuse" ("The Mysterious Island") was written in 1874, the source of this film is actually "L'École des Robinsons" (which could be translated as "The Robinson School"), first published in 1882... and the entire "plot twist" criticized by the others before me is actually Jules Verne's original idea... it seems he used the "plot twist" before M. Night Shyamalan! Seriously, people... this is a fantasy, a farce, lighten up! Jules Verne himself was winking at his readers throughout the pages of his novel, and the movie only took it further. Since I knew the source of the film, it was a great fun ride to watch a retelling by a director who thought his viewers would laugh with him, not at him (probably just as foolishly as Ed Wood, but that's another story!) I enjoyed this bizarre flick, it was just as fun as some Russian fantasy movies I'd seen as a child, except that it had the brazen attitude of a more adult-oriented fare, but without becoming a "Gwendoline"...

Also, movies are not created and do not exist in a void. When this film was released, in 1981, the era of the blockbuster was not yet upon us, Reagan and Thatcher had just been sworn in, and the Cold War was entering its fourth decade, flaring up again... The great era of the '70s, which had given us so many introspective and serious movies, was over, and people felt they needed more comedies, even hysterical comedies. It all probably started with "Airplane!" in 1980, and the ball just rolled on. There was at least one other title that came out in 1981, blending comedy, spoof and horror as a perfect companion for "Monster Island" - I'm thinking of "Saturday the 14th"...

All in all, the criticisms leveled here don't surprise me. Truly, it's probably not the kind of film appreciated in the U.S. culture.

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 / 10

Deliciously dreadful dreck

Eager young Jeff Morgan (likable Ian Sera) desperately craves adventure and excitement; he finds more than he bargained for when he and several friends find themselves shipwrecked on a mysterious uncharted island populated by dangerous prehistoric monsters, a lethal tribe of savage cannibals, and a pernicious gang of gold-seeking bandits. Boy, does this hysterically horrible honey possess all the so-utterly-wrong-they're-paradoxically-right lousy stuff to size up as an entertainingly awful clunker: hilariously horrendous (far from) special effects (giant plastic dinosaurs, guys in cheesy rubbery suits, Tonka Toy miniatures, that sort of rinky-dink nonsense), an irritatingly bouncy cutesy-poo score, stop'n'go erratic pacing, ill-advised attempts at silly humor, clumsy (mis)direction by notorious Spanish schlockmeister supreme Juan Piquer Simon (who also co-wrote the hopelessly inane script), zero tension or momentum, a meandering narrative, and a lame cheat of a surprise twist ending. The acting is decidedly variable as well: Terence Stamp sneers it up nicely as the evil Taskinar, David Hatton serves up a fat'n'juicy slice of obnoxiously overripe ham as the fussy, whiny, cowardly Professor Thomas Artelect, Gasphar Ipua likewise contributes an overly broad turn as friendly local Carefinatu, and Peter Cushing manages to keep his dignity as distinguished millionaire William T. Kolderup. Moreover, the gorgeous Blanca Estrada looks positively ravishing as sultry French babe Dominique Blanchard, the lovely Ana Obregon provides some charm as Jeff's sweet fiancé Meg Hollaney, and Paul Naschy has a regrettably small part as the greedy Flynt. An absolute cruddy hoot.

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