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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by xatiadance 10 / 10

Fantastic film- favorite of 2020

I was blown away by this film! Even more blown away when I found out it was a directorial debut. This is truly masterful cinema- when we hear the phrase "this is why we go to the movies" it's usually in reference to a summer blockbuster or an Oscar-bait melodrama, but this kind of film is why I go to the movies. Weird, wonderful, surreal yet clearly influenced by the ultra-realism of Dogme95, with a highly skillful small cast, this film drags you in and begs you to be a participant rather than a spectator. The story is more layered than at first expected, so it definitely deserves a second viewing to get the whole experience. I got hints of Broken Flowers, Synecdoche New York, ands Mandy; and the score was outstanding as well. I don't think I've encountered a more fitting soundtrack for a film since Harold and Maude. If you're a true film fan, or fan of any kind of art really, give it a chance. Can't wait to see what else the director has in store.

Reviewed by ggina102 9 / 10

You will get sucked into the MYTH

I had no idea what to expect from this movie. I got sucked in and really liked hanging with the characters and wondering what would happen next. It's like an indie Truman show in a way. It's got a vibe that sort of demands that you relax and take whatever you're watching in. It's got a subtle comedy that I really dig! If you're an aspiring artist of any kind, I think you'll love this like I did. Also, THE MUSIC IS SO GOOD!

Reviewed by lindapalmer 7 / 10

80's fandom film within a film

Tucci is a great villain. The film overall makes you feel really uncomfortable by design. The idea of creating a movie in a movie is clever and effective.

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