2019 [KOREAN]

Comedy / Crime / Drama

IMDb Rating 6 10 72

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ops-52535 6 / 10

i have seen...

Better south korean comedy than this, but as a filmographic and audiographic product its titancarbonaticstainlessteel quality. its just like you expect from a sturdy fishing reel and therefore edible catch for the love of south korean filmmaking.

its a smallcast comedy about how to make a ''fortune'' on your neighbours misfortune, by nailing the roadsurface for people to flatten their tires just next to their tyre shop. acting is the superb ''slap on the head'' kind of SK comedy, the cast consist of well known actors to me, but their names i cant resite here and now.

the film reminds me of my south european travels as a child in the early 70*s, thravelling to yougoslavia all 6 of us in a dark green, black interior Renault 16, with mum and dad upfront, elder 3 brothers in the back seat, and me in the open trunk ontop of all the baggage... my god was that a hot experience, asphyciated by my fathers cronic hang to smoking ''eventyrblanding'' ending up at the back of the car, making me compete with the french green colour , and barfing my brothers necks...

well somewhere rural croatia we hear a loud bang from the undercarriage, made by a sharp edged stone covered with a piece of cloth, just close to a garage , the car did get severe scared damage and had to be towed to the garage for a handful of d-mark for a check, but not immobilizing us completely.'' the oilpan is in fit condition then we can just move on ''said my father to the snoutten garage owner. later talking to other tourists who told that the cladden stone was a common trick to use against money strong westeners travelling the rural hills of yougoslavia, and it was for me a scary happening to remember.

will i the grumpy old man remember this film?, well ,yes and could pay another visit later, so a small recommend even though just a six.

Reviewed by kamalbeeee 7 / 10

Nice thriller movie with social message..!!

A couple who are suffering from money scarcity even they run a car workshop...husband decided to plant a nails in road for make car tire puncture...oneday fortunately he saved few rich kids from kidnapper and he got lot of money.. They startvto live a luxurious life but after finding his wife bad past he start to leave from house.. Good story and message about Money.. Must waych movie..!!

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