2017 [POLISH]

Action / Biography / Drama / Sport

IMDb Rating 7.5 10 1893

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by liveyouradventure 9 / 10


Incredible history that you never hear about! This director will bring us more great films in the future! Terrific screenplay and acting!

Reviewed by g-bahmanpour 10 / 10


The movie is so moving. He fights with himself and his desires and the end the scene which he is running and he sees himself and his daughter and girlfriend is the real meaning of perfection. He has to do what he doesn't want to make himself a better one he shaves his head although he loves his hair. The scene that he talks with his dead really have to watch it yourself I loved it!

Reviewed by niaz_islam 8 / 10

Coin Flip

This is a story of reform, a tale of changing courses of the destiny. Drug ruins life, wrecks family, destroys future but sheer will power and concrete determination can help to redeem one's life.

Jerzy Gorski (Jakub Gierszal) is an addict. He introduces drugs to his rebellious girlfriend, which eventually ruins her life. But when Jerzy was denied access to her daughter he starts to reconsider his life choices. He finds his passion in triathlon and uses that to return into normal life.

In one hand the story is very uplifting and on the other it is equally heartbreaking. The film also portraits the fact that not everyone is rescued from the evil grasp of addiction. Rehabilitation is a very arduous process which can derail within a split second. Jerzy's struggle was beautifully showed in the screen. And the performance of Jakub Gierszal was quite commendable.

This is a good film to watch. It reminds us to be more resilient and supportive towards the addicted persons so the can flip their life back to normal.


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