Nathalie, Fugitive from Hell

1978 [FRENCH]

Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4.6 10 227

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 6 / 10

A watchable Eurocine Nazisploitation pic—wonders never cease.

When red-headed Russian doctor Nathalie Baxova (Patrizia Gori) falls foul of the Nazis, she finds herself imprisoned at Fort Stilberg, a luxury brothel for German top brass where the women are overseen by sadistic lesbian officer Helga Hortz (Jacqueline Laurent). Nathalie's medical skills (which seem to comprise of simply dabbing the patient with a wet cloth) bring her to the attention of nice Nazi Lieutenant Erich Muller (Jack Taylor), who saves the lovely lady from becoming one of the establishment's 'hostesses' by assigning her to the infirmary. Given the freedom of the château, Nathalie is able to carry out a secret mission to locate missing British undercover agent Ingrid, but with Helga bearing a grudge against both Erich and Nathalie, the brave doctor must be extra careful to avoid suspicion.

In comparison to the more infamous Nazisploitation classicks, Nathalie Rescued From Hell is pretty tame stuff, loaded with nudity and soft-core shenanigans but light on the sadistic violence and mean-spiritedness; however, for a Eurocine production, the film is surprisingly watchable, managing to be more cohesive and engaging than most of their similarly themed output. It definitely helps that this one isn't an awkward patchwork of scenes borrowed from other films, and that there is something actually resembling a plot, but most of the credit must go to its two leading ladies, Gori and Laurent, who go a long way to making this nonsense bearable: Gori's stunning looks and impressive physique make her absolutely captivating throughout, while Laurent is absolutely hilarious, her camp performance (which includes much flexing of a whip and a maniacal cackle) and outrageous attire (PVC thigh-high boots and matching body) making her a memorable movie bitch.

Reviewed by Coventry 4 / 10

And they lived Nazily ever after...

It must have been ten years since I last watched a so-called Nazisploitation movie, and "Nathalie: Escape from Hell" instantly reminded me why I gave up on them. Man, these movies are terrible! After the unexpected success of "Ilsa: She-Wolf of the SS" and "Salon Kitty", all the untalented directors of the euro-exploitation industry suddenly wanted their piece of the cake as well. All these Nazisploitation flicks desperately try to be shocking, controversial and erotic, but the painful truth is they are boring, tame and downright pitiable.

The only advise I can possibly give is to enjoy the unintentional incompetence of these movies! Like, how in "Nathalie: Fugitive from Hell" the stereotypes are hilarious! The British general has a ridiculously oversized moustache, the Scottish colonel wears a kilt and the Russian officer looks like ...well, how every stereotypical Russian looks. The Nazis were supposed to be cruel and relentless, but here they are miserable creatures with only booze and perverted orgies on their minds. The beautiful doctor Nathalie must infiltrate into the Nazi brothel/castle Stillberg, to either rescue or murder the captured British spy Ingrid. Inside the castle, the Nazis also installed the most powerful radio-transmitter of the entire Third Reich. I never really understood why it's there, though. The true star of "Nathalie: Rescued from Hell", however, is Jacqueline Laurent as the Nazi-dominatrix Helga Hortz. She dresses up in leather, whips naked women in the dungeon and hysterically laughs whenever she does something cruel. Remarkably, also, how many people are shot and killed without losing a single drop of blood.

PS: note how I subtly used three different, yet "official" a.k.a. titles in this review. Fugitive from Hell, Escape from Hell, Rescued from Hell... What's the difference, right?

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