National Security


Action / Comedy / Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 11%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 45%
IMDb Rating 5.6 10 46306

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Eric Roberts as Nash
Steve Zahn as Hank Rafferty
Martin Lawrence as Earl Montgomery
Timothy Busfield as Charlie Reed
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FountainPen 1 / 10

An unhappy police "comedy" with heavy racial problems

The character played by Martin Lawrence looks like and acts like a total moron, but also a heavily racist moron, and a dangerous moron. Surely such ta person as he, whether black or white, would NEVER make it into a police force? I found this film extremely offensive and worlhless. It plays to the basest instincts, is not at all clever, apparently strives to hit every crude cliché around, while introducing hideous behaviour that will amuse only those with mindsets stuck at age 5 and IQs well below 70. The movie is a disaster, a shameful disaster, which should never have been made. A Spanish-language "song" is played a few minutes into the film: one of the Spanish words is "pendejo". (a very oscene word for penis) I was not surprised to hear this; it just about sums up the attitude and level of the producers of the flick. I hope that they will receive a little blast of enlightenment soon, and try to produce a movie that has some decent qualities while providing entertainment without resorting to filth and overt stupid racism ~ whether from blacks to white or from whites to blacks. Please!

Reviewed by Prismark10 3 / 10

A stinger

Well my son liked this film and found it really funny. I did not, I thought it was as funny as a dose of the clap.

Hank Rafferty (Steve Zahn) is an emotionally charged cop who saw his partner get killed by a vicious gang raiding a warehouse. He is later unfairly thrown in jail for an apparent beating of a black suspect for a supposed breaking into a car. The suspect is Earl Montgomery (Martin Lawrence) who just got thrown out of the Police Academy and he did not get beaten up by Hank, he was stung by a bee and got an allergic reaction but has decided to make the most out of it.

In jail Hank had to spend time in solitary confinement as the black inmates were out to get him. Upon his release he gets a job as a security guard and crosses paths with Earl who is also a security guard. Both bicker but find out that the bad guys they are chasing are now out to get them both.

This is a mismatched buddy film and it was obvious Eddie Murphy passed on the script before Lawrence got it. The fact that a black character (who is the star of the film) lets an innocent man go to jail is offensive in all sorts of ways.

For a start how can you root for the central character who is behaving in a racist manner himself? A decade after this film was made we still have innocent black people getting shot dead by the police for supposed minor traffic violations but here we just fit up an innocent policeman (who we later find out has a black girlfriend) for trying to shake off a bee. Way to go there for the fight for civil rights Mr Lawrence.

The action sequences are well staged, Eric Roberts is wasted as the bad guy, there is a subplot about police corruption but I have seen this done better in 48 Hours or Beverly Hills Cop.

Reviewed by eric262003 5 / 10

Unsatisfying Buddy Cop Film

It's really hard to evaluate the typical buddy-cop action comedy films. Unless they have an eye for creativity, or unless the viewers can get a feeling of an experience that seems original to them, then more times than not, most films of this genre simply fall flat. The story of "National Security" is more flatter than 20 pancakes with moist syrup. The formulaic collaboration between two contrasting security guards (Martin Lawrence and Steve Zahn) are assigned to co- exist to solve a very difficult initiative in hopes they can rectify their friendships and gain the respect for each other. The only minor change is these gentlemen (putting the terms loosely) is that these guys aren't cops, they're security guards. The humour factor rests upon that even though they act like cops, they don't have the authority to the stuff that cops have the legalities that they're permitted to do. Is it still a great comedy? Not exactly!

The leading protagonists Earl (Martin Lawrence) and Hank (Steve Zahn) only meet by default. When only we discover that Earl and Hank are teaming up after learning that Hank lost his partner in a botched armed robbery. Okay so scriptwriters Jay Scherick and David Ronn haven't really wrote outstanding pieces before, and this script is no exception. And it seems like their credibility has never blossomed since then as they continue to write mediocre scripts for mediocre movies. We see the same nonsense as Hank and Earl constantly bicker with each other only to acknowledge that each one has a mirrored lifestyle to some extent. The discovery is kind of a joke, but in reality it's the only mechanism they have for one to connect. Seriously, this joke they have is what makes them friends?

The director Dennis Dugan who had his fair share of triumphs and failures at least tries to maintain the film be consistent as possible. If I were to praise the movie, it would have to be the pacing is pretty good for an 88 minute film. I only wished that this film was worth watching. In terms of performances, Steve Zahn plays the underwhelming straight guy Hank which would have been okay if only he at least had some charisma to add. It seems very obvious that even the during the movie, he was called different names. Were the editors on strike at the time that the performers could not remember their screen names? While Lawrence does everything he could to stand out in his performance, in the end, his role is just as inferior as all the other performances. Repeating the lines, "what the problem is", tends to become really annoying plus it lacks any cleverness or anything remotely funny. Scherick and Ronn was not very helpful in giving Lawrence anything funny to deliver which makes him a dull wanton dry comical character.

The sad part is that the supporting cast feature seasoned veterans who have been around the film industry at some point and even they didn't have much to showcase their screen talents. Colm Feore plays off the role as the head of the police department. Bill Duke who starred in two of Arnold Schwarzenegger films like "Commando" and "Predator" was the other police chief along with Feore. Eric Roberts plays a one-dimensional villain henchman who's only credibility is simply just being there. And to add to that Stephen Tobolowsky is here for the ride as some technological expert who's a snitch towards our two protagonists. Where's the common sense behind all that? That's the flaw the lures its way above the rest.

What exactly was the motives behind the leading antagonist's reasons for stealing these items. All we know is what its usefulness is and that's with an abundance of cash, but there's no explanation as to how this thing is applicable which is not very fulfilling in my curiosity. In the end the humour factor is only minimal and quite cheap in its delivery. The special effects and the action scenes are pretty exciting, but is still very inferior to the "Lethal Weapon" series. The real upsetting thing is that the music score by Randy Edelman was there, but was overlapped in the background almost as if there was no score. Which is a shame because Edelman often produces great quality music.

With acting being only average at best and a script that is only half-baked, this film is only custom made for the average at best film viewers. Even with top of the line performers and steady pacing doesn't make this film stand up above the rest.

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