National Velvet


Drama / Family / Sport

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 100%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 78%
IMDb Rating 7.3 10 7069

Keywords:   england, horse, 1920s, human animal relationship, english countryside, horseback riding, horse race, horse racing, jockey, horse trainer

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Angela Lansbury as Edwina Brown
Elizabeth Taylor as Velvet Brown
Mickey Rooney as Mi Taylor
Mona Freeman as Schoolgirl
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 9 / 10

My lovely horse.

"National Velvet" is not a perfect MGM movie...but it comes darned close. There are a few itty bitty quibbles (such as the lack of proper British accents and the character Donald Brown...who is mostly an annoying distraction), but apart from those, it shows what this studio could do if they gave it their all...which they clearly did. The movie was filmed in vivid color in a day where few films were and it combines so much excellence into the picture...from acting to direction to the sets and music.

The story is supposedly set in England. But considering this was during WWII, such location shooting was clearly out of the picture. So the studio used a variety of locations (including Monterey and Pebble Beach in Carmel) and made the best of it.

Velvet (Elizabeth Taylor) is a girl who loves horse and has fallen for a neighbor's high strung gelding, Pie. Because it's so high strung, he ends up raffling it off...and Velvet wins him. Later, she has the seemingly insane idea of entering the horse in the Grand National race...because of his endurance and ability to leap over fences and hedgerows. Can the horse manage to compete with the best of the best?

The bottom line is that instead of telling you how perfect and well crafted the movie is, you should just see it yourself. Even the few on IMDB who didn't love the film didn't hate it!

Reviewed by bkoganbing 9 / 10

"By Knowing The Pi Can Win And Telling Him So"

One of the enduring classics from MGM came out in the closing years of World War II, it's the film that made young Elizabeth Taylor a star. She had done a few films as a child actress before National Velvet, but when it came out her place in the movies was assured. Ironically enough biologically she'd be growing up fast enough after National Velvet was out and her next struggle as an actress was to get substantial adult roles because casting directors only saw her as innocent little Velvet Brown who loved her jumping horse.

I'm not sure of how this would work because steeplechase horses have to have confirmed bloodlines and the Pi's are a subject not dealt with in National Velvet. All we know is that he's a reckless and untrainable horse in the hands of Reginald Owen and after he breaks free and causes considerable damage, Owen gets rid of him for a nominal price to the local butcher Donald Crisp.

At the same time as these things are happening, Mickey Rooney comes wandering into the lives of the Brown family which consists of Crisp, wife Anne Revere, and daughters Angela Lansbury, Juanita Quigley, and Elizabeth Taylor and their little brother Butch Jenkins. Rooney is a former jockey who's now on the open road and heading for the Brown family where his father was once a horse trainer for Anne Revere's family. It's he who sees the potential of the Pi (short for pirate) as a steeplechase jumper and it's Elizabeth who convinces Crisp not to pass up this chance.

Elizabeth Taylor was so sweet and innocent in National Velvet. The Good Book says you have to have faith like a child and she has it to spare. She infuses Rooney with it, to have faith in the heart and ability of the Pi and to leave a little over for himself.

Anne Revere won a Best Supporting Actress Award for National Velvet. She's a very wise mother who has hidden depths to her that the audience doesn't suspect. It turns out that back in her youth she had a taste of fame and glory swimming the English Channel and her prize money, saved all these years, she gives to her daughter. That scene is probably what won her the Oscar. National Velvet also won one other Academy Award, for Film Editing.

Over 60 years after it made its debut National Velvet as a family classic hasn't lost a thing. Its depiction of life between the World Wars in Great Britain is still a standout. And National Velvet launched a movie legend. Can't do much better than that for high regard.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 8 / 10

fun sentimental family movie

Velvet Brown (Elizabeth Taylor) lives in the small town of Sewels in Sussex, England with her parents, two sisters and a little brother. She's horse obsessed. She befriends poor drifter Mi Taylor (Mickey Rooney) who has come to town after finding Mrs. Brown's address among his late father's belongings. They run across an escaped horse and Velvet names him Pie. Mrs. Brown takes Mi in and gets him a job. His father coached Mrs. Brown for her English Channel swim but she doesn't tell him at first. Mi was once a jockey but he hates horses now after an incident. He notices the height that Pie can jump. After yet another escape attempt, Mr. Edes is forced to pay and puts up Pie for raffle. Velvet wins and ends up riding him. This is a fun sentimental family movie. Liz Taylor is wide-eyed, plucky and adorable. Mickey Rooney is compelling. The horse race is exciting and action-packed even though it is an obvious double on the horse. It's such an old-fashioned heart-warming thrilling underdog movie.

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