Nature Unleashed: Avalanche


Action / Adventure / Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 3.7 10 433

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by michaelRokeefe 3 / 10

A Russian mountain peak slides.

This disaster flick gets an A for effort; but falls real short in the entertainment category. Some of the avalanche scenes, that weren't repeated, were impressive. The acting left a lot to be desired. Two brothers Thom(Adam Croasdell)and Jock(Andrew Lee Potts)Cussler try making a living taking tourist on adventurous snowmobile rides up and down the slopes in the Ural Mountains of Russia. An avalanche covers a small village causing Thom to risk his life in saving buried townsfolk including his brother. Air and time are running out as this lumbering snowbound drama finally ends. Also in the cast: Jessica Kate Brooks, Kate Henry, Plamen Manassiev and Nikolai Dodav.

Reviewed by battlerarity 4 / 10

A Snooze-Fest

Nature Unleashed: Avalanche is one of those films that you can occasionally see playing on the Syfy channel at around 2 AM, rounding out another marathon of disaster (both figuratively and literally) movies. If you have trouble sleeping at night, and happen to be up whenever this flick is playing, give it a watch, and I can almost guarantee that you'll soon be out for the night.

Not to say that NU:A doesn't have moments of sporadic entertainment (especially since the titular menace behaves in an eerily similar fashion as the "sentient" tornadoes in the movie Twister), it's just that the package as a whole is bland and uninteresting, much like the snow-covered wastes that make up most of the scenery. Everything you could expect from a made-for-TV natural catastrophe movie is present and accounted for, so much so that even a few minor tweaks here-and-there still render it indistinguishable from the usual early Sunday-morning drivel.

I could go on about the characters and plot, but it just seems kinda moot. Brothers Thom and Jock run a snowmobile rental service in Russia's Ural Mountains, a greedy developer is building a hotel on an unstable slope, and the pleas of a scarred female scientist fall on deaf and money-blinded ears, until disaster strikes! Throw in a few romantic subplots and useless fodder characters, and you get the drill.

NU:A is not a terrible movie, just a very boring one. It's stoically serviceable in every way, but hardly entertaining. If you watch it every night, you'll never have trouble getting to sleep again.

Reviewed by gomelanie 4 / 10

Great to Watch If You Have Insomnia

I like sci-fi and the B movie genre so this movie was actually pretty good considering the obvious low budget shots. The acting was palatable the scenes OK except I got tired to the cracking ice shots over and over again. Typical cliché riddled B movie with a few twists. Spoilt daddy's girl is not a whiny brat and actually has some business sense. Greedy Real Estate Daddy Dude actually listens to the scientist and nixes the bottom line to help save the day. Really big whammy, the Hot dude makes it with the homely scientist chick who only has 6 toes. Yep definitely did not see that coming (toe shots either) cool looking ice bar, dumb tourists. Perfect movie if you can't sleep and are stuck home with the flu for Christmas.....again

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