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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 6 / 10

Paul Bartel's sensibilities

Naughty Nurse is leaving the hospital at lunchtime. She rejects blood-soaked Nurse Dorothy's request for help. She dismisses Nasty Orderly's lunch offer. She takes the taxi to a seedy hotel. She has a nice light S&M encounter with Naughty Doctor. They get interrupted by Naughty Cop who has a couple of surprises of his own.

This is Paul Bartel's second short. It's not quite as inventive as The Secret Cinema. It's a bit of shock considering the time period. The twist is fun but not revolutionary. I like Valorie Armstrong as the hard-nosed nurse. It's a solid short that shows the Bartel humor and his weird sensibilities.

Reviewed by Horst_In_Translation 6 / 10

I'm not aroused, but I am entertained

"Naughty Nurse" is an American English-language short film from 1969, so this one will soon have its 50th anniversary. The writer and director is Paul Bartel and he may in fact very well be the most known actor working on this project, even if he is the man in charge behind the camera this time. Maybe the name will not ring any bell, but he has been in well-known films. Anyway, back to this one here. It's a shame that the summary here on IMDb spoils this film a lot as you will know exactly what the cop is up to if you read it. But it was still a good watch in my opinion. Even if you don't find the female (or male) protagonist too desirable, you can enjoy it for the fun part and the revelation at the very end. I could have done without the clock, but I guess the intention was to show how tight their schedule is. Reminded me of the scene with Clooney's and Farmiga's character looking for a date in the hotel room in "Up in the Air". Anyway, this one here has RDJ's dad in it too in a minimal performance. Overall, this film succeeds exactly with what my country (Germany) has tried so many times in the 60s and 70s and almost always failed with: combining comedy and sexuality in an entertaining manner. I give it a thumbs-up. Not great, but worth seeing once.

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 / 10

Sizzling short by Paul Bartel

A nurse (a sultry portrayal by the stunning Valorie Armstrong) and a doctor (hunky Ron Grathwohl) sneak off on their lunch hour for a kinky carnal encounter at a seedy hotel room. They are interrupted by a police officer (a lively performance by Christopher St. John) with a deviant secret of his own.

This early short from the always offbeat Paul Bartel serves as a neat precursor of the wickedly warped humor and perverse sexuality that was further explored in Bartel's racy debut full-length theatrical feature "Private Parts": The mild S&M, hot leather outfits complete with metal studs, and some seriously kooky stuff involving robber bands are sure to both excite and satisfy fetishists with unusual lascivious tastes. Alix Ellis contributes a hilarious turn as ditsy nurse Dorothy while Robert Downey Sr. makes a fleeting appearance as a desk clerk. Kudos are also in order for Jon Oonk's gorgeously crisp black and white cinematography. And the punch line at the very end is simply priceless!

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