Nazi Undead


Drama / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 17%
IMDb Rating 3.3 10 440

haunted house trapped nazism

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Plot summary

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Top cast

Andy McPhee as German Officer
Jolene Anderson as Officer's Wife
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sahlgoode 3 / 10

Missed out on it's potential

Nazi Undead, or Living Space. When a movie can't make up it's mind on what it should be titled is always a red-flag for me. It had plenty of atmosphere, but lacked any sort of climax. Was it "She...she looks exactly like me"?

I walked away feeling that the surreal was all it really had to offer. The character build up was weak to the point that I only knew who anyone was because I read about it in the films description.

Good luck to anyone that worked on the film, and I hope you continue forward in your respective careers. This film just didn't do it for me though.

Reviewed by borgolarici 4 / 10

Nazis are there for no real purpose???

I can't give this movie more than 5 stars. I really, really wanted to like it but there isn't much to save. The young couple isn't interesting and their acting is nothing speciale either. The nazi element is just there for folkloristic purposes since the fact that the villain is a Nazi doesn't change anything in the plot and the traumatic past event was just a familiar vendetta between husband and wife.

Reviewed by jglambgary 1 / 10


This is not suspenseful, this is not a thriller, this is not a horror it is just bad writing that never makes sense if you start watching you will say I might as well and see how this all connects. DON"T it doesn't it is all over the place bad acting awful writing watch anything else watch a cooking show and I hate cooking shows that's how bad this movie is. It's movies like this that I wonder who green lighted it or who actually spent their money on making it ? I guess the thought is if you add the words zombie and Nazis that enough suckers will go to see it so you make a profit barley because as soon as word gets out people will stop going. My good deed for the day is to warn everyone not to watch this awful movie. Note: If this movie was written by two 12 year old kids I would say nice try but stay in school

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