Nemesis 3: Time Lapse


Action / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Tim Thomerson as Farnsworth 2
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Platypuschow 2 / 10

Nemesis III Prey Harder: The terror has returned, really!?

Nemesis III Prey Harder otherwise known as Nemesis III Time Lapse is a contender for the worst movie in the franchise and that's really saying something.

The third Nemesis movie but seventh movie overall in the Cyborg (1989) franchise (Yeah it still confuses me as well) follows directly on from Nemesis II but that's just about all it has to its credit.

3 of these movies were made within the space of 2 years, that may explain why they're so poor.

Picking up from Alex's adventure as the sole hope for humanity's battle against the cyborgs and yadayadayada. Sue Price returns looking like a great action heroine in a movie that is quite frankly beneath her.

Industry veteran and original Nemesis (1992) star Tim Thomerson returns and is on usual great form but nothing can make up for the dreadful cast around him.

Awful sfx, snoozefest of a plot and absolutely nothing going for it this is the absolute pits within a franchise that's consistently bad anyway.

The Good:

Follows on well from Nemesis 2 (1995)

Tim Thomerson

The Bad:

Naff cgi

Plot is terrible

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

Girls love stamp collections

Reviewed by Quetzl 1 / 10

Just plain sad.

I really wanted to like this film. The second film in the series had this silly, drive in movie feel to it that was fun (of course, I was also drunk). I watched this film with the highest expectation of a similar experience of high cinematic hilarity, a-la- Mystery Science Theater 3000. I WAS WRONG!!!!! This movie is a god awful waste of film, and I LIKED THE SECOND ONE!!!! From the effeminate villain with the David Bowie fright wig, to the tacky, obnoxious female villains with laughs that could strip the paint off a garage door, this whole thing was just a painful mess. I actually felt bad for Sue Price, because the material was beneath an actress of her stature (that pretty much says it all). An awful, awful film (that's not a recommendation).

Reviewed by Weirdling_Wolf 7 / 10

taken within its many limitations it remains a fun, albeit trashy Sci-fi/fantasy B-movie.

While the law of diminishing returns could in all legitimacy be used when discussing Albert Pyun's Cult Cyberpunk quadrilogy 'Nemesis', due in no small part to the ever diminishing paucity of production values and exponential usage of excessive flashbacks to somewhat irksomely pad out the increasingly arbitrary narrative, and yet 'Nemesis 3 : Time Lapse' with all its obvious recycling still has good stuff to recommend it, that being said, its strongest appeal will no doubt for those more forgiving Nemesis fans who have dutifully watched and enjoyed the previous installments; taken as a standalone work, this frequently muddled, somewhat rushed, unlovely looking Sc-fi action movie may appear a little incoherent, if not entirely redundant. The film's rigor reside in the welcome return of Sue Price as the DNA-mutated, blonde dread locked, muscle-packed warrior Alex Rain, this time awakening wholly disorientated to discover that she must find her no less ripped saviour of mankind siblings she was latterly unaware of! Once again Alex must continue to arduously battle her way across war-ravaged Africa, thereby increasing the fearful legend of her extraordinary, super-fleet, unrivaled fighting prowess, her main, not inconsiderable obstacles being that of dastardly droid Farnsworth 2 (Tim Thomerson) and the two entirely delightful, sleekly disco-attired, superbly asinine cyber assassins Lock (Sharon Bruneau) & Ditko (Debbie Mugli) whose gloriously camp performances went some wickedly wonky way to shore up the film's myriad shortfalls. In all likelihood very few action movie fans are going to watch the 4th final installment based on this far from exceptional outing, but I kinda' have a soft spot for this boisterously absurd action series and Sue Price is one righteously watchable, serially Cyborg retiring heroine and taken within its many limitations it remains a fun, albeit trashy Sci-fi/fantasy B-movie.

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