Never Gonna Snow Again

2020 [POLISH]

Comedy / Drama / Mystery

IMDb Rating 6.4 10 1264

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Weronika Rosati as Wika / Mother of Zenia
Alec Utgoff as Zhenia
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by CinemaSerf 7 / 10

Some wonderfully naff doorbells!

Alex Utgoff is really quite good as "Zhenia". He is a masseur who regularly visits an exclusive housing estate in Poland where he has a range of clients, mostly well off wives, who have a range of personal idiosyncrasies which he tries to accommodate. There is something quite mystical about this man, who lives in a flat in a run-down area, sleeps under a blanket on his couch, and who speaks rarely. Indeed, much of the acting comes from his clients, he is sort of omnipresent throughout the film with only one or two moments when we see any sort of animation from his persona. His customers run a bit to stereotype, but there are still characters amongst them - not east the alcoholic dog-owner Katarzyna Figura, and the rather oddball former soldier Andrzej Chyra, as well as some industrially-minded kids who are quite handy with their domestic pharma industry! It has humour and pathos; it can be touching and ridiculous, it obliquely demonstrates the huge gaps in the standards of living in the city - and though maybe just a bit too slowly paced, it is an interesting observational story with an entertaining ending that asked as many questions as it answered.

Reviewed by latinfineart 7 / 10

A very good film

I really found this to be a magical movie. It had a very mysterious and lyrical quality to it, and it was full of surprises. Wonderful characters, beautiful dialogue and a tad of a magical realist quality. And a peek into affluent Polish life.

A wonderful performance by Alec Utgoff, who really stole the show. I really liked this movie.

Reviewed by sudhakaranakhilan 6 / 10

Mysterious on the content

: It is the swindling back of Zenai at the totality because he is unknown and mysterious to the person's whom he is in affection with. Zenia is moving forward with his profession and moving backward with his own internal conflicts about his mother. He is some kind of a relief remedy for the women who are undergone massage. To be exact, Zenia is masseur with innate power and magical qualities. He is some kind of a supernatural being. A calm, quiet and pleasant man who interfere in the personal matters of the people whom he massage. Woods and the darky atmosphere of the woods plays a symbolic element throughout the film. I felt like watching Kuttysrank or Kadhapurushan (both are Malayalam films) while going through Never gonna snow again. A nice, subtle piece of art.

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