Never Open the Door


Horror / Mystery / Sci-Fi

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Joey6327 1 / 10

Everything wrong with modern horror

I have never written a review before but felt the need to after watching this. How this movie has so many up-votes is absolutely beyond me. My mind is blank trying to think of worse acting and dialogue than this. Please, for your own sake, watch something else. After four out of seven characters are dead, three are still debating whether to stay in the house all night or not and go back to dinner. LOL. The only reason to watch this is if you enjoy cheap horror flicks for the laugh and entertainment, because that is all you will get with this one. There are many good films made with little to no budget, but that should not be an excuse for creating garbage. I am just trying to fill up ten lines to post this thing now. Maybe the actors asked everyone they see to up-vote this movie they are in and that's the reason it's big, that is the only explanation.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 6 / 10

I'll be there in a minute

A group of six friends gets together for a feast. They have conversations about a wedding and a pregnancy. A large banging happens at the injured man falls into the house when the door is opened. He vomits on Tess and dies.

After the shower scene, the film gets weird as the guests appear possessed and there are MIB standing outside as observers.

The hour-long feature is done in black and white. It is similar to a Twilight Zone episode and fails to give you real closure.

Guide: F-word, nudity (Jessica Sonneborn )

Reviewed by Indyrod 8 / 10

Excellent Old School Horror

I just loved this black and white horror winner, just over an hour long. This may include some spoilers, but nothing that would ruin the movie in any way.

Three couples get together for a dinner in a remote house, and start arguing kind of making you not care about any of them.

But, out of the blue, an old guy pounds on the front door, interrupting their rather boring dinner, all bloody and his last words are "Never Open the Door", which freaks out everybody.

As He comes through the door He pukes up some blood on one of the ladies, and everything goes to Hell from there. Chaos takes over, nobody trusts anybody, and on top of that, their's some weird people or whatever they are, right outside the home.

Soon, everything that seemed pretty normal, goes almost into the Sci-Fi zone, as nothing is as it seemed before.

I loved the conclusion, which reminded Me of several movies, and nothing You've seen before, either happened, or is happening again but in a different dimension which is not exactly clear. Nevertheless, this is classic horror, with a touch of sci-fi mixed, and all in just over an hour.

I found it very entertaining, and even worth multiple viewings, and being filmed in B&W was an added element, which fitted this movie very very well. Check it out, definitely worth the 65 minutes running time.

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