New York Ninja



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FilmCurator 2 / 10

NY Ninja Cheese

It was an incredibly weird exxperience. From some of the goofiest looking gang members, bad fight chorerography, and some atrocious dubbing, it was fun. I did love some of the locations they shot. New York city is a character in films shot there. Some great subway scenes to grafitti covered alleys. There is a large market out there for people that love bad films. This should be up there on the list. Almost forgot about the cheesy 80's music. You may enjoy this just for the laughably bad acting, script, and overall strange characters.

Reviewed by Jameswalt1 10 / 10

Incredible job by Vinegar Syndrome

Ignore the other review here. If you're a fan of 80's ninja films, and the grindhouse scene in general, you probably already know what you're looking for here. And let me tell you - it delivers in spades.

From the seedy NY back streets, The Warriors inspired knock off gang members, and the ninja motif - this movie just encapsulates the entire genre. Vinegar Syndrome did an absolutely outstanding job restoring this new classic; with an incredible and authentic sounding synthwave score, and absolutely on-the-money voice acting/dubbing --- it's simply a masterpiece of the genre. Period. It's hard to believe the voice acting, sound, and music weren't actually completed in 1984 - it's that good.

Hats off to the team responsible, and THANK YOU for restoring this masterpiece that sits proudly beside Samurai Cop, Dangerous Men, Miami Connection, and many many others as a primo so-bad-it's-good flick.

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