Nezha Reborn

2021 [CHINESE]

Action / Animation / Fantasy

IMDb Rating 6.9 10 759

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Victoria Grace as Kasha
Nicole Fong as Dr. Su Junzhu
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chrissyp123 8 / 10

Animation at it's best!

Truly colourful, creative and beautiful animation-wise!

Reviewed by sanzoryusan 10 / 10


After Nezha (2019), i really looking forward for another movie in its universe. The Jiang Ziya came out and to be honest, its quite disappointing with its plot and directing.

But when this movie's trailer came out, i get excited again.

The idea of the reincarnation of the myth character in the steam/cyberpunk era is very intriguing. The plot and direction is so good. It is well-paced and well-directed for a 2hours movie. And of course the animation is top-notch. Thought i would be tired of watching another Nezha mythology movie, but boy, i was wrong. This one is a fresh take of the myth!

This movie kinda dark in its story and plot execution, also they have mature character designs, so im pretty sure it wasn't made for young kids.

But as an adult, i really enjoy this one. Rich in mythology, action-packed, surprisingly emotional and will leave you wanting more.

Reviewed by t-24728 8 / 10

Looking forward to the next one.

New Prince Nezha's Triumph Against Dragon King perfectly meets my childhood dream of Nezha. In traditional mythology, my favorite is little Nezha. The special effects are very attentive and the details of the characters are well portrayed. Sound design can be said to be very rich. Every object is endowed with reality, and in reality, there is a process to reflect the fantasy world. Nezha during the Spring Festival has its own positive energy and joy, but the story can be richer. Many points that can promote the plot can go further: aobing's Dragon tendon, Nezha's awakening . They can also create more conflicts. ps It's really good for girls. Who doesn't want to have a hero to protect themselves.

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